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  Order DNA Kit

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If you decide to participate you may request your kit directly from FTNDA at the website below:


You need to provide the following information to me by email at

1. Your snail mail address

2. Decide which kit you want to order, there are two:

The 12 marker kit is $99

The 25 marker kit is $169.

If you choose to get the 12 marker test and later wish to upgrade to the 25 marker test there is an additional charge of $90 (so that would be $189 total).   For more information regarding the difference between these two tests click here Understanding DNA Results

3. The email address where you want your test result sent.

I will then order the kit.  It will be mailed the next day to your mailing address.  It will have what you need to do the sample (brushes and bottles), a release of information and an invoice.  Sign the release to allow Family Tree DNA to make the matches.  Include the release and your payment and mail it to Family Tree DNA.

The results will come back in 6-7 weeks. They will be sent to your email address. The DNA results (without names) will be published on this site.  For more information regarding results and a further explanation of the difference in the number of markers in the test see Understanding DNA Results


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