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Napoleon Bonaparte
Anti-Semitism and the Alfred Dreyfus Affair
The Cold War
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My name is Dustin Rook, and Iím a political science major at the University of Northern Iowa. My hometown is Bloomfield, a small town in Southeastern Iowa, but I make my new home at the UNI dorms in Rider Hall. Iím the oldest child and have two younger brothers. In high school, I was vice president of the Octagon Club, two-time football letter winner, three-time tennis letter winner, and the valedictorian. Iím an SBS scholar here at UNI. I havenít really had the chance or time to take place in many activities here at UNI other than intramural sports. Iíve mainly spent the first semester and part of this second semester adapting to the college life and freezing while walking to class. In my free time, I like to lift weights, play about any kind of sport, and just hang out with my friends. I have a special interest in politics but rarely get to express my views due to the fact that my friends and family know better than to get me started. I always tell them though that it will pay off when they are calling me Mr. President. Hopefully after graduating, I plan on attending law school.