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¤A little about my boring old self...¤

Name: Ashley Nicole...

D.O.B.: 1-4-87

Location: Boring old Kane, PA

Status: I'm waitin for that perfect guy ¤ Ha Ha Ha

Height: Umm about 5'2" but there are advantages to being short lol

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blondish-red...too damn long...

Other things: Well lets see...where to start...I moved from Kane to DuBois (they both suck) but atleast in DuBois I can party whenever I want. I'm starting school in October for Accounting/Business Administration...after that I'm not really sure where I'm going or what I'm going to do...I'm just takin life one day at a time and enjoyin the best of it...

¤Some friends...if ya wanna call em that lol¤

~~It's been a long hard road without you by myside why weren't you there all the nights that we cried??

~Erin~ WOW!We are finally all grown up, no more biting the man who chases us...never forget all the times we had when we were younger.I want to thank you so much for all you've done for me along the way...especially gettin me out and about summer of 04...that was prolly the best summer I've ever had-I met a ton of nice people that I'll never forget**Never forget that I'm here for you!!We need to hang out more-even though your in Pittsbugh that doesn't mean you can't come here or I can't come there...we just need to plan!!

~Mindy~ Hey lady!!We have tons of the outhouse or strippin at walmart..I miss the good old times. I wish we talked more than we did and that we could hang out again. I miss you woman!After all we are family and I'm not going away that easy!!

~Jess~ I owe you so much for everything over the past few years...I don't know where I'd be if you wouldn't have been there for me!!You are the best sister that anyone could ever ask for!!!Just remember that whatever you need I'm only a phone call away-I Wub u!!!

~Jen~ You're my only friend in the whole damn town of DuBois haha.Thanks for all the fun times...we've had quite a bit so far and Im sure there are plenty more to come!!Damn're corrupting me what the hell knock it off!!!

~Shannon~ Hey lady, I wish we still talked as much as we used to but things change and people change. I just wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide to do and stay away from drugs and make smart decisions. People care for you even though you think they don't. We've had some good times and I'll never forget them.

~Lynn~ Hey we have had some great times and those late night escapes definately are the ones I'm not going to forget. I'm here for you no matter what and thanks for being there for me all the time too. Good luck in college-I know you're going to kick ass...just try to stay away from those nerds..haha love ya!

~Tanesha~ Hey woman I miss you! What happened to all those plans we had?? Well we definately had some kick ass times while you were here and you can call anytime and we can go get in trouble.Stay away from boys and lay off the sex!!

~Mandy~ Hey chika!Well we barely talk now, but you still owe me that hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and nuts lol I'm never gonna forget that one.Wow we definately had some interesting conversations on New Year's-haha...lylas

~Lena~ Girl you freakin rock!!Where the hell did you go? Oh wait you went back to Russia without me damn you!!I miss ya!!We've had some good times gettin drunk-like on Halloween haha...

~Ickie~ Hey no matter what if you need to talk about anything I'm here. I'm sorry about all the bad stuff that has happened this summer...I wish you and your mom the best of luck. Never forget all the late nights we had and especially the one where I broke my moms car...ooops I didn't break it I don't know what you're talkin about!!

~Bobby~ Hey bro!!Thanks for all ya did to keep me outta trouble with the parents and all the other things ya did for trusting me to drive the mustang...but hey I can drive standard now so eat shit! Haha well Kylie isn't a boy and she doesn't have a bump oh her what's up with that?

~Eric~ Hey hun I miss hanging out with you soooo much. You taught me so much when we hung to be myself and not give a shit what other people think about me. Just remember that I'm always here to talk and whenever you want to hang out just call me and I'll be there...I really don't see why you put up with Heidi's shit, but I have no room to talk with the shit I put up with...Sometimes I wish that things would have eneded up differently when we hung out all the time...and you know what I'm talking about. Thank you so much for being there for me :)

~Jay~ is so much I wish I could say to you but I really think that it would be a waste of my time. I wanna thank you for all the fun times we had while we were together and if you ever need anything call me and I'll be there...I don't know why but I will be...

~Robbie~ Hey you fuckin prick thanks for talking to me...I don't know what I did to you, but you could atleast talk to me still...We had some fun times back in the day, like gettin drunk at my sisters...but we don't talk or hang out anymore so I guess that's gonna be the extent of those fun times..

~Danny~ Hey you sexy bitch!!Haha thanks for all the fun times at your house. Your a great person to know and fun to be around. We definately gotta get together and party it up...I'm gonna come see you in Erie someday...I miss sitting on your counter haha...

~Jeff~ Hey sorry you have to put up with me everday...especially when I come home drunk...but thats always entertaining anyways...get used to it buddy!!

~All the Smethport guys~ Jesse, Josh, Jason A, and Bob-->You guys are so fun to party with. I'm glad that ya live fairly close to me so I can come see ya. Its kinda a feeling of being home again considering I spent most of that one summer with you guys...we've had some great times haha...keep it safe with all that partyin!

~Brad~ Lets talk about saving the best for future husband!!Haha I'm so glad you are there to talk to me all the time and that you call me when I need someone to talk to. You've helped me with so much believe it or not. You're just great. i can't wait till ya get home so I can get my hug!!Miss ya hun!

¤ ~WHAT IF?~

An awkward hello

Follows a difficult good-bye

Too much time spent

Searchin for those perfect words

Until we meet again...

In this life or another

A piece of my heart

Will always be with you

Begging for your soft touch

Pieces of my thoughts

Will always be with you

Begging for the answer

What if?

Boy oh boy doesn't that peom fit perfectly with so many situations in life...

¤Some things that interest me or something to that effect lol¤

Well lets see...I enjoy hanging out with friends, partin, sleepin (thats the best thing in the world), playin in the mud, swimmin....and just driving around checkin out men haha..I've been to a few concerts and prolly a lot more to come. I listen to just about any type of music...

~~I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I'm beggin you to beg me, I'd love you to love me~~

~~Nice shoes wanna fuck??

Well I have ICQ and MSN, but I'm never on msn that much and I am hardly ever on my own ICQ but my # is 268338902 so look me up if ya don't have me...


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