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Anchor Bay High School Class of Ď65



Whether youíre looking for old friends or special memories,

youíve come to the right place!


Iíve created this web site to provide an electronic catalog and gathering place for e-mail addresses

and web sites that belong to ABHS grads and their friends and family.

Hopefully, youíll find it enjoyable and useful

for keeping in touch with former classmates, teachers, and friends.


So, come on in, kick off your shoes, and make yourself comfortable

as we take a short walk down memory lane.




Mrs. Kaherl's Peanut Butter Cookies (E-mail me for the recipe)

Dan Kralik's Volkswagon

Senior Prom at Hillcrest Country Club

Learning how to write a check in Mr. Meli's class

Driver's Ed with Mr. Hodson in a white '61 Ford Fairlane


 What was your favorite memory from high school ?

E-mail me and I'll include it on this list. 






Many years pass between class reunions.

Have you ever wondered where your former classmates, teachers, and friends are now

or how to get in touch with them?Theyíve probably thought about you over the years, too.

If youíd like to be a part of the Class of í65 Online Reunion,

send the following information to Peggy (Rose) Hayhurst at

and Iíll include it in our Alumni Information section the next time this site is updated.


Name (including maiden name) Year Graduated

Address (optional) Phone No. (optional)

E-mail Address


 E-Mail Addresses

Class of '65



Linda (Baldwin) Herrmann

Linda (Barry) Graham

Linda (Beatty) Kirkhart

Suzann Burkhart

Chuck Croskey

Lynn (DeBoer) Rausch-Hetzel

Vaughn Derderian


Mel Dylewski


Printha (Hargis) Moe

Karl Kandler

Gwen (Lewellyn) McLean

Richard Makow

George Moomaw

Evelyn Myers

Erika (Mueller) Lester

Rick Newton

Judy (Potrykus) Clark

Rick Ramales

Peggy (Rose) Hayhurst

Bill Sink

Bonita (Stachel) Wheeler

Karen (Teller) Winter

Terry (Titsworth) Doyle

 Tim Traycik

Linda (Waite) Stolzenberg






Everyone that attended considered our 35th reunion a success.

We had a great time Friday night at Peggy and Ted Hayhurstís,toured our old

high school on Saturday before the Homecoming game, and had lots of fun

eating, gambling, laughing, and reminiscing at the Anchor Bar Saturday night.

We missed those of you who had other plans and look forward to seeing you at the 40th.

Watch this spot for more information.






I have current (?) addresses for the following teachers.

If you would like to get in touch with any of them to thank them or just say hi

contact me at and I will send the information to you.


Ed Henriksen

Robert Hodson

Jay Kenney

Dan Kralik

John MacDonald

James Meli

Joan Ryan

Paul Vincent

Jean Westveld (

Bette Carrothers (

John Weismueller (




Peggy (Rose) Hayhurst

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This site is provided as a free service by the author and is not officially sponsored by Anchor Bay High School . The information provided is based upon information collected by the author and, although believed to be correct, the author makes no guarantees concerning the accuracy of the information. My goal is to compile a list of alumni and their current contact information. Your contributions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.