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My name is Jenise Fonville-Noels and I am the founder of Sisters In Spirit (S.I.S.), a NON-religious based sisterfriends group dedicated to the empowerment of African-American women.

S.I.S.'s mission is self-mastery (empowerment through improvement). We stress the importance of taking care of "SELF" first - because we understand that we can be of no help to anyone else before we are right within ourselves.

S.I.S. is based in Bowie, MD and meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month (4-9 pm). Our topics are set for the year and cover areas such as: Self-Knowledge, Fear, Silence, Love, Accountability, and Understanding Your Purpose.

Our discussions are open, direct, and progressively beneficial. Every bit of new information you receive builds on what you learned at previous meetings. Our goal for each year is PERSONAL GROWTH.

Thanks to the wonderful personal contributions of the women of S.I.S. (who's members span across the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Metro Area) we have developed the most dynamic Sisterfriends group in the area!

Do you know a sistah in the Washington, D.C. Metro area that would benefit from being enlightened? If so, please have her contact me at:

S.I.S. membership is open until July. Our next meeting is May 11th and the topic is "TRUST".

Abundant Greatness is YOURS!

Your Sister In Spirit, Jenise

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