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Umbilical Cords Of Power

Sister-Circles In Alpha Order

Black Pearls United - - Virginia ( contact:) Sarah R. Berry
WOMB --International (contact) Sarah R. Berry
Black Women Of Essence - - Florida (contact ) Renee Ellis
Sisters In Spirit - -Maryland (contact) Janice Fontville-Noels
Sister's Keeper - - Maryland (contact) Roberta Elliott
Woman2Woman - - Maryland ( contact:) Shade' Barnes

Sister Organizations/Businesses In Alpha Order

Africaseed - - New York (contact) Phyllis Slaten
Ashe Natural - - California (contact) Gail Samuels
Sense Of Style - - New York (contact) Moni Brodie
Sisters In Spirit Book Club - - Virginia (contact) Tiffany L.Colvin

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