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The Rare Breed Mi-Ki History

The origin of the Rare Breed Mi-Ki dog is not known with certainty, but with a lot of research this is the history of the Rare Breed Mi-Ki to the best of our knowledge.

Although no official records are available, it is thought that the development of the Mi-Ki breed is to be the result of the founder, Maureen Westburg.

Maureen Westburg goes by several different names ie; Micki Mackin, Maureen Mackin, Rev. Maureen Westburg, Maureen Mackin Westburg, and Maureen Westburg Van Wormer.

The first Mi-Kis on record, are listed under one of the three differnt kennel names Maureen Westburg used at that time. The three kennel names that Maureen used are In Chan Ting, Kea Huna, and Tee-Nee. These different Kennel Names all appear on all the Mi-Ki pedigrees, since all Mi-Kis came
from the same blood lines.

It is also thought that it took Maureen approximately 10 years, 1981 to 1991 to create the strain that is now known as the Rare Breed Mi-Ki dog. When Maureen developed her beloved little jewel of a dog, she was and still is living in Milwaukee, WI. Canadians have embraced the Mi-Ki but by and large presently the breed remains indigent to the USA.

Although there are no official records available, the development of the Mi-Ki breed is purported to be the result of Maureen Westburg’s mixture of crossing six toy breeds. The combination of different breeds that Maureen Westberg claims to have bred together to develop the Mi-Ki was the Maltese, Imperial Ch’In also known as the Japanese Spaniel, i.e.; Japanese Chin, Papillon, Tibetan Spaniel, Shih-Tzu, and Yorkshire Terrier.

Since there are no records of the percentages of each breed, the order of the combinations bred, or even the lines that were presented into the stain, the American Rare Breed Mi-Ki Registry (ARBMR) can only say that we can physically see in our Mi-Kis the following four breeds; Maltese, Imperial Ch’In also known as the Japanese Spaniel, i.e.; Japanese Chin, Shih-Tzu, and Papillon.

Maureen decided to name her strain, the Mi-Ki breed. There are two reasons for her decision;
[1] Her nickname since a little girl in grade school was and still is Mikkie
[2] The Asian name Mi-Ki pronounced Mee-Kee, means new life-new beginning.

According to the earliest records, Maureen organized the 1st Mi-Ki club, in early 1991. It was then that the original Mi-Ki breed standard was written by
Maureen. By the breed standard set fourth by Maureen, the short coated Mi-Ki, i.e.; smooth coats do not
meet the Mi-Ki breed standard and any short coated Mi-Ki offspring that appears should be put into pet homes. All Mi-Kis are to have long coats only. The Mi-Ki should not exceed 10 inches tall or over 10 pounds.

The Rare Breed Mi-Ki is truly luxury on a leash,
more precious than costly jewels, great little eye catchers and crowd pleasers.

The Mi-Ki displays traits from some of the breeds:

The Mi-Ki is a compact, well-balanced toy breed. It is lively, light and stylish in action with large very expressive eyes. The bone structure can range from fine to heavy.

The Mi-Ki is trusting, affectionate, playful, alert, friendly, sensitive, and intelligent. They are wonderful with children and other animals. Being neither shy nor aggressive they are among the gentlest mannered of all the toy breeds. The Mi-Ki is not a ‘yippy’ dog and is responsive to those it knows and loves. They are not known to be reserved with strangers, or in new situations, however they will alert the household when something is amiss. They continue to be excellent therapy dogs.

The Mi-Ki can have two coat types. One a long cottony coat and the other a long silky/straight coat. The silky/straight is the more desired coat. The Mi-Ki has hair not fur, with no undercoat making it hypoallergenic and non-shedding. The long coat hangs gracefully over the sides of the body and flows with movement.

The Mi-Ki carries its tail over the back, with a long flowing plume.

The Mi-Ki moves with free and easy smooth flowing, lively steps, it is graceful, stylish and characterized by a jaunty attitude.

The Mi-Ki appears in several different color combinations. ie; black and white, red and white, gold and white, brown and white, any color combinations are excepted. The Mi-Ki can also appear in solid colors. The rarest of the color combinations is a tri-color. The tri-color is characterized by tan or red spots above the eyes, and on both cheeks.

The Mi-Ki's weight is to be proportional to the height. Weights range from 4 to 10 pounds while standing less than 10 inches at the withers.

The Mi-Ki breed is a very warm loving companion, for those families in the suburbs, and the farms,
to apartment dwellers.

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