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11/18/03 - The Vice City resource now over 40 top different search engines, thanks to Submit Express, link at bottom. More hits expected.
11/17/03 - 3 pages of cheats/codes/hints/tips now finished, more to come. Added update archive section. Expect photos of ALL the water/land/air vehicles under Photos pretty soon.
11/16/03 - Web site updated now daily. Fixed website addresses and updated the cheats sections. Oops, the maps didn't upload correctly.
01/02/03 - Uploaded some maps to the maps section from the Brady Games Official Strategy Guide. Rampages, Unique Jumps, and Hidden Packages!
12/29/02 - Added a counter thanks to!
12/28/02 - Wow, almost 2 months without updates. Well expect some HUGE ones coming. To day I added the Box Art of Vice City, front and back. You can see them huge or small in the Photos section. Enjoy! Also... linked to my GameFAQs info, added New Under Construction sign, updated own message board, and that's about it!
11/08/02 - Created our own message board at! Updated the Message Board and the Cheats section, thanks to Gamewinners.
11/07/02 - Put up the main graphic. Hope you like it. Changed the font.
11/06/02 - Put up the toolbar and made the add-on sites.
11/05/02 - Web site started.

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