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Vice City Weapons/Hideouts Locations

Here are locations for various things in the game such as weapons, hideouts, etc.

Downtown: Secret rooftop hideout: Go to the Greasy Choppers Bike Club. Go north about a half block. On the left hand side is a building with stairs (going over a gun that you can obtain). Go up the stairs to the roof to find a shack that can be used to store any motorcycle-class vehicle, etc. It only costs $1,000.

Escobar International Airport: Easy money: To get a large amount of money in a short time, get the Rhino Tank from Fort Baxter Air Base. Drive it to Escobar International Airport. Once there, activate the Vigilante missions. Almost all of the chases will take place on the airstrip. They appear one behind the other and can just be rammed with the tank or fired on. It is possible to get to level 66 in vigilante mode with 760 kills and $5,000,000 in about a half hour. If you get stars, drive to Sunshine Autos, and jump into a car, then drive into the Pay 'N' Spray. You should have a large amount of mission time to drive there and back to the airport with no problems.

Leaf Links: Phallic symbol: When you are at Leaf Links Golf course at the country club entrance, turn so your back is facing the entrance and you are looking out to the city. Turn left less than a quarter turn to see three large buildings. If it is dark, but before 00:00, hours you will see lights in the windows of these buildings. The largest building will have a symbol of a penis with two balls.

Leaf Links: Easy money: Go to the golf range and kill some old people there, They should have a lot of money.

Leaf Links: Reload weapon: If you have a Uzi or another gun that you can keep when it is out of ammunition, go to the golf course. Walk through the entrance then walk back out. When you pick up your weapon, it should be as if you just picked it up or bought it. Note: This may not always work.

Little Haiti: Pogo The Monkey arcade game: Find the pizza restaurant in Little Haiti, Go in and you will see two arcade games. One of them is Pogo the Monkey.

Buy the Kaufman Cab business and look to the right of it when inside. You will see two games. One is a Pogo The Monkey game.

Little Haiti: Easy money: Go to the location of the Ryton Aid pharmacy and the adjacent Pay 'N' Spray. Steal any car and park it directly in front of the Pay 'N' Spray. Enter the Ryton Aid and rob it by pointing a gun at the clerk until you have three stars on your wanted meter. Drop the gun, take the money, and run outside to your car. Drive it into the Pay 'N' Spray. If you got hit by the police, return to the store after your car is repainted and get the health power-up. Run down the block and a new clerk will be back in Ryton Aid. Repeat this process to get easy money.

Little Haiti: Fudge Packing sign: Start at the Café Under The Tree and go east on that road. Take the next right turn and go north. On the left hand side of the road is a large deep orange building. The sign there reads "FUDGE Packing Corp."

Little Haiti: Obscene poster: After taking Phil to the hospital, go into his trailer and enter his room. Over top of his bed is a poster reads "Is F***king Great" at the top.

Ocean Beach: Grand Theft Auto 3 reference: There is a comic book-like picture of our hero from Grand Theft Auto 3 in your first hideout in The Ocean View Hotel.

Ocean Beach: Baseball bat: Look in the alleyway directly behind your hideout at the Ocean View to find a baseball bat.

Ocean Beach: Brass knuckles: Look slightly north (less than 100 feet) from the baseball bat behind your hideout to find a set of brass knuckles.

Ocean Beach: Chainsaw: Enter the apartment building in Ocean Beach next to the Pay 'N' Spray. Find the open door to apartment 30. To your right is a bathroom with blood all over. The chainsaw can be found there.

Ocean Beach: Knife: Go to the alleyway in the south-east corner of the east island (where you start) to find the knife.

Ocean Beach: Shotgun: You can find a shotgun at any time by going to the top of the Washington Mall via the car park (the circle ramp). When at the top of the building, do down the left side ramp, and then immediately turn around. The gun is to the left of the ramp at the back.

Ocean Beach: Uzi: Drive next to the Pay 'N' Spray near the Ocean View, then walk through the fence. Follow the trail and at the end you will find an Uzi.

Prawn Island: Erotic posters: Drive into the InterGlobal Films movie set on Prawn Island. Walk into the toll booth to see some posters of women on the wall. Note: You can see each poster better in first person view.

Prawn Island: Grand Theft Auto 3 reference: When you obtain InterGlobal Films, in the far left hand corner (the opposite of where the sea plane is in the studio) is a set with a huge burger hanging from the top. It is Bolt Burgers from Grand Theft Auto 3 on the second island.

Get into the InterGlobal Films studio and keep walking around outside until you find a studio set made to look like a city "strip" with clubs and theaters. The set is actually the Club Street in the Red Light District of Grand Theft Auto 3.

Starfish Island: "Keepy-Uppy" beach ball game: Go to Starfish Island and locate the mansion that has the drained pool in its side yard. There will be a lone beach ball in the deep end of the pool. Run into the ball hard enough and it will fly into the air. Position yourself on its shadow to have it bounce off your head. The game keeps track of consecutive hits, however the prize is unknown. Note: Equip a heavy weapon such as a flamethrower or a minigun to walk around slowly so you do not over-walk the shadow.

Starfish Island: Launch the beach ball: Find the keepy-uppy beachball and shoot it. It will launch hundreds of feet in the air and come crashing back down only to launch back up again.

Starfish Island: Katana: Go to the house directly west of the Vercetti Estate (Diaz's Mansion). There is a katana in the garage.

Starfish Island: Woman-shaped pool: When flying a helicopter or airplane, go to Starfish island. One of the northernmost pools looks resembles a woman's body, without the arms, head, and legs. If you are high enough, a polka dotted red bikini will show up in the pool.

Starfish Island: Erotic poster and pictures: After you have completed the InterGlobal Films missions, go back to your mansion on Starfish Island. There will be erotic pictures of Candy Suxxx on the desk in your office, along with a poster on the wall of her from behind.

Starfish Island: Enter early: To get to Starfish Island without completing the missions, get a fast motorcycle (not a moped). Go to the Starfish bridge and floor it through the tiny hole used by bridge pedestrians. Wreck at the gate and the game should put you on Starfish Island.

Vice Point: Grand Theft Auto screens: In the North Point Mall, go into the Tarbrush Cafe. Go behind the counter and take a look at the registers. You will find screens from the original Grand Theft Auto.

Enter the pizza restaurant to find more Grand Theft Auto screens. Apparently throughout the game, some store registers have the screens.

Vice Point: Katana: In the North Point Mall, go into the Tarbrush Cafe. Go into the back room to find the katana.

Vice Point: Easy money: To get an easy $200 to $300, go to North Point Mall and follow a police officer until he begins chasing someone. Attack that person with your fists (no brass knuckles -- you gain more money without them) to get $50 for every punch you throw. Be sure not to hit the police officer.

Go to the North Point mall at the far end of town (from the hideout). Find The Gap and the CD store. Rob the CD store by aiming at the clerk with auto aim. Wait until you get only one star. When he sets the alarm off you will get another star. Then, run to The Gap and get a change of clothes. The stars will go away. You can rob the CD store clerk again. If he is not there, go downstairs at The Gap and rob that clerk, going back and forth. This saves you a trip to the CD store just to find out that the clerk is on break.

Go to the North Point Mall. Lock on to almost any shop owner with a gun. Hold it until you get three stars. He will give you about $1,000.

Vice Point: Cheap hideout: Go across the street and to the north of North Point Mall to find a house that can be bought for $2,500.

Vice Point: RC Baron Race: Get in the Toy Fun Van on the top of the parking garage next to the mall to start the RC Baron Race, in which you will fly RC planes across the island.

Vice Point: RC Bandit Race: Get in the Toy Fun Van near the dirt bike track.

Vice Point: Village People: The Village People perform inside the Malibu Club. Dicing them up with a chainsaw is very cathartic. Information in this section was contributed by aVarice.

Vice Port: Dead dolphin: Get a boat and taje it somewhere between Escobar International Airport and the docks. Do not go past the two big ships docked there -- stay west of them. Just west of the two big ships around the shoreline is a dead dolphin, just floating there. It does not move, and just floats around. Do not try to jump on it, as you will fall through.

Washington Beach: Cleaver: You can find a cleaver behind the Well Stacked Pizza shop in Washington Beach.

Washington Beach: Shotgun: Get a vehicle and drive along the trail at Washington Beach.

Washington Beach: Tear Gas: The Tear Gas can be found in the parking lot directly behind the Police Station in Washington Beach.

Washington Beach: Aquatic life: Go to the lighthouse near Ocean Beach to view some aquatic life. Once at the lighthouse, go out on the adjacent piers and use your first person view to scan the waters. Occasionally you can spot schools of fish, dolphin, sea turtles, and a large hungry shark. For more fun, wait on the pier and soon the people around you will start going crazy and jump into the water. None of them can swim, so the entire area becomes filled with floating corpses and shark food.

Get to any locked area early: Enable the "Dodo car" code and use any car. Go as fast as you can and press Analog-stick Back jump over the highest obstruction blocking the next section of the game. Keep repeating this until you get there.

Get a sniper rifle and find a place where boats are appearing. Wait until one is coming roughly straight at you, then take out the man piloting it with the rifle. If the boat was moving fast enough, it will coast up to you. You should be able to jump onto it. From there, you can get to almost anywhere. It may take awhile to find out good spots to try this. One recommended location is behind Diaz's mansion in the lawn behind the hedge maze.

Enable the "Cars float on water" code. Then, simply drive on the water to get to any island.

While traveling at high speeds in an Infernus hit the gate the connects the both islands. If done correctly, you can go through the gate on the right side. Half of your vehicle will be on one side of the gate, and the other half will be on the other side. You can press Triangle to step outside your vehicle on the other side of the closed gate.

Hideouts: The following properties can be bought for the indicated price.

1102 Washington Street: $3,000
3321 Vice Point: $2,500
Elswanko Casa (with 1 garage): $8,000
Hyman Condo (with 3 garages and a helipad): $14,000
Links View Apartments (with 1 garage): $6,000
Ocean Heights (with 1 garage): $7,000
Skumole Shack: $1,000

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