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Liquid Warfare Site Info

Liquid Warfare was created in the winter of 1999 by myself, Nick B. I originally had a site called "super Soaker Elite" which was formed at the very beginning of 1999 when i had little or no html knowledge. I used the Geocities! site builder to make a fairly decent Super Soaker web page with several baised or unfounded reviews and mean-spirited tactics. I was pleased with the site for a little while, but soon got tired of the glitchy geocities builder and the limited ability to make the site look how I wanted it to. I soon found another free service, Angelfire and quickly started making a newer, better page. I called it "The Super Soaker Alliance", it had a few reviews and very few tactics. I still wasn't pleased as I still had little html knowledge. I found HTML Goodies, a very helpful site that actually taught me the bulk of html and I was on my way to creating a site that looked and operated however I wanted. I soon got rid of the name "SS alliance" and adopted the more suiting "Liquid Warfare", because after all, thats what super soaker fights are, right? The official site colors are Black, Blue, and Orange. I must give much Credit to Robert G, the webmaster of Aquatechnology for helping me on many aspects of my site. If you have any questions or comments about my site feel free to email me at