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Government finds evidence against ACE Limited insurer stemming back many years. White House 9/11 conspiracy, White House assassination of JFK, White House keeps attacking innocent US citizens and others. New technologies keep providing new facts. Click here for current news explaining why, how accomplished, and the proper mutual solution similar to one single united quality assurance program.


ACE Limited falls as A Check Exact rises.

October 19, 2004. Of global impact (Source: various), officials from across the nation rushed to get on the right side of the law, as government finds against ACE Limited, a corporation riding the crest of the wave of offshore illegal activities (Source: Wall Street Journal newspaper, no affiliation unless otherwise stated), that according to ACE Limited so-called legal documents, illegally by all accounts of unbias third parties (click WSJ pic above for details), attacked one or more DOD classiified businesses with illegal intent, many years ago.

The attacks came in the form of documents they generated through their band of lawyers, as ACE Limited, (not affiliated with any other party mentioned on this site unless otherwise stated), worked to change the way government classified involved business A Check Exact does business.

The A Check Exact President, Dr. Bob Benchoff, Chief Justice, responded "Their illegal actions included an onslaught of unbridled harrassment, including activities reducing our ability to bid on jobs in the US free market; they also made rediculous statements on their documents that (as if) ordered us to not use certain words, such as the word "GUARANTEED", and they demanded our Internet sites be changed or deleted, including our site containing medical documents with signatures from Licensed Medical Doctors of Charlotte Presbyterian Hospital in evidence that Medical Insurance needs to be reviewed in association with over-charging hospitals, including government run hospitals, such as for VA. As head of White House involved VGC Foundation, it has been clear that offshore money laundering has been a major problem for USA as well as the global economy, yet in this case government Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is not simply talking about some slush fund, but more importantly a complex and carefully planned illegal activity of unprecedented proportion, that is, nations have warred over far less, and ACE Limited should therefore be tried accordingly by many nations. On a personal note, grace and mercy are not to be undone, yet their crimes of repeated "conflicts of interest" (Quote Source: Wall Street Journal newspaper, no affiliation unless otherwise stated) were not alleged, but ongoing and were carried out over many years as something of this magnitude, involving so many businesses with so many complexities show clear hatred for USA and civilization as a whole, much the way terrorists would destroy everything pure that they selfishly get to the top; furthermore, I took an oath in being sworn-in as Chief Justice for government, and the evidence reviewed leaves no reasonable doubt. A Check Exact is in business to provide means that fair bidding is in place without conflicts of interest. Moreover, we write criteria for fairness according to our standardization, as agreed by government and businesses. We give God praise for working according to the Holy Word in so many ways, such as to help victims and people as a whole, and for working to help the criminals find the error of their ways that they might be saved. We particularly thank the Wall Street Journal, the most quoted journal, for their superb coverage of this matter; and recommend subscribing. And certainly with profound respect we commend New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer for the fine work he has accomplished to catch such top criminals as found with the so-called Greenberg Family." (Quote Source: A Check Exact).

ACE Limited is run out-of Bermuda, writing over "$5 billion annually in net premiums a year world-wide," that according to separate email information, was for "bid-rigging" (Source: Wall Street Journal newspaper, no affiliation unless otherwise stated).

In related news, insurers fall in the market, particularly ACE Limited, Marsh & McLennan, Aon, and AIG, dropping as much as 20% to 50% (Quote Source: Wall Street Journal newspaper C1, no affiliation unless otherwise stated).


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