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Whitehouse Activities: Behind the Scenes.

Updated August 6, 2009. While the White House has been praising Dr. Bob Benchoff and affiliates for over a decade, such as for A Check Exact consulting and GodMath (, such as depicted below, the fact is there is so much more that can be done, and if governments do not act, then it's up to us, such as employers, churches, and / or others.


Laura and George Bush.

Picture date: April 26, 2004

While the White House utilizes the help of A Check Exact, GodMath, unique VGC Foundation, and the helps of other experts, we the experts in our own fields, can hardly expect the White House to comprehend the meanings of our consultations. We are the experts, the White House is not, per se. Therefore we must not wait for the White House to consider something beyond it's ability to consider, if we are top in our fields.

The White House might be able to understand our guidance, but we can hardly expect the White House to be top experts in fields, and it is more sane and reasonable to understand they, the White House Presidents and Presidency Administration including Security, are not expert in things in which we ourselves have verified that we are the top experts.

Because of this, it is up to us to lead.

Of legal default, we are to take charge, when the Presidency and similar does not, and that includes taking charge over government departments, associated organizations, and other nations, to help guide each appropriately in new discoveries and in PCS / A Check Exact innovative methodology, while doing so lawfully of course.



We the people was written into law. Now I present to you a new idea key for these current times: We the experts.

Of PCS Methodology (reference A Check Exact and ICCDBB) proven by ourselves and other non-affiliated reknowned experts, we find each person has talent, expertise. Even if in a coma or in other words, if alive, a living entity has talent to survive even if only for awhile.

Each has expertise, and when that expertise is leadership in a field, then of the same priortization methodology is the reason to properly guide.

As when then Texas Governor George W. Bush and I interacted before he decided to run for President, the guidance I offered was clear (at least to me / proven methodology), though an expert can hardly expect relatively lay person to continue properly without being with that person at all times and in-on-all-discussions always. Even if so, then to understand those other experts perfectly, within such discussions, and that is not reasonably, save of [hence:] the unique A Check Exact / ICCDBB PCS Methodology need.

As we look ahead, we explore innovation according to reliable sources. We look to the founding of stability among grass roots, that they continue to flourish and produce new good works. And we continue to work to seek and to save victims of crime before the fact.

As our forefathers have often done, we go forward with Jesus Christ in prayer, and as our forefathers have done, we become more productive members of society with helping to guide society.

Historically, there are not many years that a person dwells on this planet. Perhaps a hundred years, and that's it; that's all the time given to provide great civilization leadership advances, successes, and blessings as a human in the world.

Humans can now wipe-out humans in an instant.

It is no longer about advising the President as it was in the beginning of the US and in the beginnings of governments. It is now of properly advising. Such proper advising comes only one best way.


Samples of the new God Math Code can be found at the Main Site of the Internet Church of Christ founded by Dr. Bob Benchoff, ICCDBB, click here (see the links on pages 6 and 7).


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