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[Medical, rather] scientific understanding of the matter energy interface of the brain / mind advances to push the envelope of choice.

Knowing the logic of control of a thought is to know the God plan to convert energy to matter and matter to energy and to store thought in matter, and to release thought in energy, even to store thought in waveforms of energy, more than signals, yet as matter when properly activated. Therefore we can now logically overcome all forms, praise the Lord, of interference, even to purify that which was once revered as pure but was only more pure than previous: White House committed 9/11, White House VP assassinated JFK and White House covered it up for years without knowing the right way to overcome the problem the best way, White House keeps attacking innocent US citizens and others. New technologies keep providing new facts. Click here for current news explaining why, how accomplished, and the proper mutual solution [essentially, so to speak,] one single united quality assurance program.

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Shown above is the award winning "Differentiating neuronal cells." picture

(:CAS October 10, 2006).

Starting January 1, 2005 in Times Square in New York City, exhibits such as this will begin in a cross-country tour. These include "the world's best photomicrographers who make critically important scientific contributions to life sciences, bioresearch and materials science." according to Executive Vice President Lee Shuett of Nikon Instruments, adding "We are all beneficiaries of their scientific insights and artistic perceptions.".

From quantum dot nanocrystals deposited on silicon substrate, to the above Torsten Wittman depiction, of Scripps Research Institute (:Quality Digest magazine December 2004 p13); in the words of Kelly Bundy, "The mind wobbles.".

From the differentiating viewpoint, physical choices are dictated largely by evolutionary patterns, perhaps adding to the entrenchment in non-creative leaps of faith, and leaps of reasoning. For instance, as seen above, there is growth, but at what physical cost. The growth is due to survival instinct, yet also the lack of such growth is due to same survival instinct. To get to grow, the non-creative physical process must continue step by step. So the physical growth path is straight and narrow.

For example, the brain is as inclusive of a collection of specialized nerves with memory capability. To distinguish these, consider spinal cord nerves. Being less concerned with memory relative to the brain, and rather concerned with information speed and accuracy, the memory is left to less important mechanisms, such as [the brain, and] the bones of the back (:ANC). As such "The compression strength of a healthy spinal disc in the lumbar region is on the order of some 1500 pounds or more." (:American Laboratory magazine 11/4 p4).

So, depending on mental needs, memory can assume many forms, from survival related protective devices, to embedded computer chips. Dr. Bob Benchoff explains, "We see neurons split and differentiate. In so distinguishing, physically we see separation (associated with loss). Yet in actual creative (including evolutionary) effectiveness we see the two working together (without loss). The two neurons are united, and moreso when working together: they function as one. Because of this fact, we can move from the evolutionary constraints, to the more purely mental, or spiritual confines, if you will, that is relative freedom, enlisting total gain absolutely." hence, spirit, mind, and body do not normally create enemies, rather harmony.

In uniting and working together, the whole exceeds the components, the neuron exceeds itself. Problems can occur, yet the more important matter is the leaping of thinking unto yet greater and more comprehensive problem solving.

Dr. Bob Benchoff is known for his work interpreting X-ray radiographs of the neck and cranium in search of minute particles and the meaning thereof, of which he states "In one case, the solution was obvious, yet I had been requested to interpret according to specific standards that could not comprehend the clearly evident answer, proveable from many perspectives. It is important to work according to standards to achieve agreed reasoning, but not always. Save One Holy ultimate, in agreed leaps of faith, sometimes it is the standard that is proven to be the unknown, and in other words, sometimes the human authors of standards did not plan for their standards to pertain to such input. The rightly detailed standards are not always available, and to make new standards for each given is no to no longer standardize.

The scientific method must therefore continue to use such leap of faith thinking by pertinent alert expertise. Top experts must continue to be granted liberty within the texts of standards, and as we have seen with the advent of the Internet, sometimes the experts are the children." (:ANC). December 8, 2004.


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