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Bible Code: You in the Bible

Updated August 1, 2010.

You are affected by things happening now in your lifetime. Great things can effect many. Even in dust are things that can effect greatly popular leaders. In the Bible Code there are names, events, blessings, catastrophes [mysterious blessings], plans, arrangement patterns, and as much good guidance as a person can handle, even overflowing blessings and good guidance.

When you read the Bible (or listen or talk or do anything) do so for the glorifying of the Lord Jesus Christ, lest your work be in vain and you have to go through learning your lesson again: Love the sourse of love.

The Bible Testament of Holy GodMath of Jesus Christ, the GodMath Testament, includes Bible Code, and includes much in the Holy Trend as to better understand how to glean much value from such, for the greater glory of God including being the creator and glorifyier of you.

You are now given a task. You are now challenged to find your own personal name in the Bible Code. You are also tasked with properly discovering your position, your art, your logic, your friends names, and so on. Leave nothing undone; do all for God: in other words, God created everything, therefore seek the proper pure and lovely higher blessings respectful of God, and do not fail to discover any of the proper blessings God has produced for you to reveal according to the talents God has given you (such as being able to love, heal, and help others (reference the ICCDBB Main Site sermon on How to get out of a coma., lest you be as a person that is not charitable trying to withhold glory that rightfully belongs to God. You are for God or not.

Keep in mind the other side of the coin, so to speak, that there are people even now being exposed that have committed works against these efforts, for instance years ago the GodMath Testament was sent to a publisher and the copyright was not printed properly, then the GodMath Testament was sent to another publisher and they stole the money and gave nothing in return (they gave not Your Holy Name in return: your name in the Holy Bible); and at the federal level the copyright was changed into an obsene comment, as if people should choose the "Bible" "or" "Jesus Christ". With perseverance ICCDBB and affiliates have continued to overcome giant challenges including in big business and among nations, helping others properly: Prioritized Comprehensive Standardization, PCS, including to put forward the first US National Quality Assurance Manager leading nations. Federal government has recognized that action was illegally taken against GodMath and after years of struggle, promised to do it right as GodMath / ICCDBB initially requested and paid federal government to do.

GodMath and Bible code have not gained popularity as quickly as was proper, many have strayed from grace and wonder why their lives are miserable to themselves.

ICCDBB, GodMath, and PCS teach us to rather view the big picture, the higher reasoning, the Way of God. We are not about attacking somebody because they have not fully realized all their talents, we hardly attack and kill somebody because they sinned (unless it is our position under law to do so, such as when a Medical Doctor kills a person, operates, then brings them back to life, or such as when a Minister [kills or] renders the former person discharged that the new and better may emerge). Bodies are of value, though are lower, rather any value is valuable; even so rather seek the higher values where less sin and less danger exists: Fear the Lord of Righteousness.

God is in the Holy Word, and God is in you according to your freedom to choose to accept Jesus Christ; and according to the continuing works of the righteous, the current history of the Chosen people are being recorded, even on a Biblical scale as found at this site Bible Testaments List: when you are righteous for the glory of God, your work enters into and becomes part of the permanent foundation of creation and creativity, even if about a fantasy such as Moby Dick as noted below.

Some Internet sites have Bible code, including those bodies (even a machine can do as much) that have tried to prove the opposite. Here is an example (extracted from an email): As if against us (actually against itself), a website shows Moby Dick code examples. In the first example is an arrangement of letters, 7 letters to a column. The Bible Testament of Holy GodMath of Jesus Christ (formerly available at which site now does for profit things though for outstanding previous work has been approved to serve as a fundraiser even though currently counted as if secular). The GodMath Testament explained in great detail how in trend to interpret that first code example, as a Pattern #7 code. That first code example presented at that Moby Dick website is clearly (at that level of discussion, against Bible code, specifically about Indira Gandhi) about Lot's hardship with a traitor in the midst (his wife).

The Moby Dick website quitter didn't follow through to work for the greater glory of God, and rather chose evidently to keep such glory selfishly (even so, you, we, the Lord Father have greater glory accordingly resultantly and even creatively evolving and growing and magnifying the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, in all that is now and ever done and accomplished). Also the "edu" link (government education, with rules against the Lord) is illegal (yet we might allow mercy), having broken the US Declaration of Independence and Constitution Article VII, and other laws.

Rather than dwell on the Indira Gandhi [misinterpretation, rather] incomplete interpretation chart, let's look at the greater blessings of one of your charts: this link at mid page with the many numbers and "360 days" at the top has many important features supportive of those you have already revealed.

Upper left are higher faith matters ("A" and other words discussed below). Lower right are found the opposite values (values for God, positive not worldly negative), with easy to understand words and slang combinations such as "LIE", "IF", "HAG", and "IN TIT", along with "NOD" and backward "DON" (Don of New York is a currently popular context).

To the left of your head the air is dry with "AIM", to the right (the blood and water agree) is the wet. After the word "JESUS" is the joint word "KNEE" leading into "ESSAY". Vertically "KNEE" intersects "TIDES" and "WET". It also intersects "ANNA" (type "ANNA" on the Mac Dictionary and the first result is "Anna's hummingbird" with red nose head and throat: your code has red at the top of the nose with "SEE above intersecting "SNORT", and your Editor note of red along the neck, and your bird artwork looks like an owl with hummingbird trait wings spread). Over "ANNA" is "TAN" under scrambled "OUT", and "TAN" is repeated scrambled to the right of "IAMYESHUA", "CASE", "SENT", and "NAN" (leavened bread), in the region of 9/11.

"NAN" is part of "ONAN" with family matters and scrambled sex words from the chin to upper right (respectfully, your house as the head of a penis, as you described "see-through" [circumcised] and 3D). From "ESSAY" 45 degrees down left is "DAD". In that region are "OH", "HO", and "TOE" at the chin, outside the chin are "RAT", "TAR", "HE", and "LEG". Upper right are scrambled "SEED" and things you already covered.

Around "IAMYESHUA" are in front left "NET" falling [printed top to bottom] with to the right "CASE" with "SENT" (note: past tense) to the lower right.

After "ESSAY" is "IN", and around that is [9/11] "HOT" vertically and intersecting itself "HOT" is at 45 degrees, and at 45 degrees is "DIE" with "SETH" (a goodly name Genesis 4.25, though in Egyptian mythology "an evil god" according to the Mac Dictionary), and with [scrambled $ and legalese matters and,] "NY" repeated, with other state abbreviations to the right (as if we swallow that story, even so government also does many goodly things), and "MA" & "PA" folks.

At the top of the head is the scrambled idea of the four horsemen.

The top front head region has "ON" and "WE", with vertically: "ERR" in front of that region in the air, with "SEE" in front of that, farther in front is "TENT", farther is "MOD" and "ODD", farther is "OLA" (wave / Spanish) and "LAND"; intersecting these vertical words backwards is "RED NOW"; intersecting fourth line [within your noted category "Revelation"] actual word "SAND"

Patterns are fun to discover, and rather the trend of God is exciting being a blessing for the greater glory of God. Modern language versions of the Bible are clever and red letters (both yours and those of the King James version) are also enlightening and helpful.

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