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World's Smallest Guitar (details below).

WOW!!!>>>>See Energy of the Brain.

Modeled after the Gibson Flying V, this actually plays songs and gives art new meaning.

Dr. Bob Benchoff reports: "It's not electric, but it is played by lazer."

For Cornell University link, click the link at the bottom of this page and then click "Power Future Usage" to see what the future holds and to get the Cornell link.

This guitar can be measured in Angstroms. It is so small it is nearly invisible, and it actually is invisible to many or most people.

You may have thought of the future and a speaker so small it could fit in your ear.

Now you can have the musical instruments in your ears and use lazers to play them!

IBM's Watson Research Center efforts with Intel can fit the lazer in your ear, separately downlaod master guitarists to the lazers, and then jam the strings as you've never imagined.

The smaller guitar that the team made, modeled after the Fender Stratocaster, not shown here, is the size of a red blood cell and is played with a beam of light double ultra inspection wavelength.

Yet the Flying V has far greater capabilities playing Ultrasonically. As Dr. Bob Benchoff, Ultrasonic Level III (highest/technological standard, expert) proffers, "You can have the smallest of something, but that generally means no spare anything, so slightly larger than the smallest allows one to add great enhancements for multiplying it's net worth. For instance, as with the smallest molecular switch, you can have a molecule in the on position or at a distance of one molecule away you can have the molecule in the off position, so that sounds good in theory, but in application the molecule easily slips from on to off, so it is much better to have the switch positions an extra molecule apart."

So the higher value of the five red blood cell sized so produced greatly augments total worth.

The next generation of microarchitecture transistors that Intel is devising is a 90nm Prescott series that runs on dual "Hyper-Threading Technology". Among other things, this processor chip will be largely purchased by the video gaming.

Dr. Bob Benchoff also has two other favorites of his, the one is Acoustic, that is, it is mechanically pumped, and the other is modeled after the Lemans, the HII.

The HII is powered by variably controlled combination of AC + DC power. The result is that sounds are emitted via phase shifting. Dr. Bob Benchoff uses a combination of six rheostats and four switching arrays to make music that, in the words of renowned artist and musician Frank Melega of the Melega Museum said: "It sounds like ten guitars!".

Dr. Bob Benchoff's HII music was played at Odoms Gallery, Charlotte, NC, in a special elite demonstration, as the owner, David Odom, worked with Dr. Bob Benchoff on many projects, including the owners Led Zepplin band emulation performances/arrangements enhanced by Dr. Bob Benchoff's works, and Dr. Bob Benchoff's expeditionary work including his discoveries of 400 million year old spheropheres, some of the first life forms (Note: by comparison, dinosaurs are about 65 million years old), with sales to Odoms Gallery and subsequent presentations to Belks and government/Senator Odom.

The Melega Museum of Brownsville, PA also invites you to visit the era Museum to see rare artwork. Check with the Museum or with Brownsville officials for special Museum events, with gratis food, arts exhibits, music, and drinks.

With proper funding, Dr. Bob Benchoff wants to give people the opportunity to have art in their eyes, music in their ears, and love in their hearts. "We are advancing!", claims Dr. Bob Benchoff, "This is not simply about the arts, this is about utilizing our minds to their greatest collective potential.".

Talking or solving a math problem generally uses only about one or two areas of the brain. Playing an instrument can use many areas, perhaps 50% of the brain. "We need to investigate properly, and move into these greater areas of the mind, and perfect harmonics of form, movement, and moment have been decoded from the Old Testament of the Bible by ICCDBB.", states Dr. Bob Benchoff, "And there's so much more we have yet to do.", and "The answers are already provided, we just need to spend less on government studies (due to separation of church and state) and more on applying known results.".

Lidija Sekaric, fabricator of the guitar pictured above said "People can relate to a simple concept,"... but "They may not be able to grasp the full explanation and the subtleties".

This work is not just about mechanisms, it's about our life and our future together.

For further developments see the links below and subscribe to Photonics Spectra (source: January 2004, p. 32), Popular Mechanics (source: March 2004, p.14), and to CRN (source: February 2004, p. 57).

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Music, art, technology, and quality of life are vital to advancing civilization properly. From the Melega Museum to the White House, each and every person and how they use each and every of their God given talents can freely and joyfully provide great beauty, if we help properly free these great resources for ourselves, our children, all people, and rather for our Lord. White House 9/11 conspiracy, White House assassination of JFK, White House keeps attacking innocent US citizens and others. New technologies keep providing new facts. Click here for current news explaining why, how accomplished, and the proper mutual solution similar to one single united quality assurance program; even for greater art, music, entertainment, literature, and special effects.

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