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Per the ISO Compendium the frequency of checks such as tests, exams, inspections, calibrations, and similar should not create unnecessary overhead, so if exams for instance are passed consistently then the frequency of needing to take exams can be lengthened or waived, which has also complied for instance with ASNT's SNT-TC-1A and MIL-STD-410 in the A Check Exact TAC-1,-2...QA, and other criteria. Therefore due to excellence of A Check Exact such as seen here concerning each and all A Check Exact personnel, no further such certification overhead is required until further notice, such as if there is a major malpractice problem.

This does not allow non-qualified personnel to practice in areas not previously so certified. Also personnel are not allowed to work on projects if a current certification is specified unless waived by the Customer.

Customers or potential customers are to reasonably be informed prior to tasking, concerning this provision, though exception can be made since it is publicized as posted publicly here and elsewhere. Customers retain any responsibility for providing current legal status, ISO Facilities (including their operations in the field if any), any guarantees (A Check Exact offers no guarantees), meeting of legal standards (such as not allowing A Check Exact personnel into areas without safety equipment required for such areas), and so on. Federal law forbids any intimidation against A Check Exact personnel.

Sample Certification Documents followed by discussion:

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Concerning students, per ISO a student should not have to waste time on ACCP, API, ASTM , AWS, and so on, if they are never expected to use that information. That would be over-inspection overhead.

Experience has found many people belonging to organizations for profit and/or favor even though the organizations are considered otherwise by the public, so caution is recommended when considering expert opinions.

The A Check Exact Quality Assurance Manager, Natalia A. Hill offers this "Quality Assurance Report" "Here at A Check Exact, we are always striving to increase the quality and efficiency of our services and business practices. In the year since I've joined this company, I've had the pleasure of administering the process of recertification in SNT-TC-1A, A C. E.-TAC-1, A C. E.-TAC-2 and MIL-STD-410 standards and guidelines for Dr. Bob Benchoff. I've made some observations of the procedures we follow for testing and certification and have some ideas for streamlining the process and making the certification information more easily available to our customers. I believe that by increasing the efficiency of our certification and testing processes we can save on our bottom line. By using the easily available computer testing and reporting software packages on the market, we can show our customers detailed information about our certifications. By doing this, we hope to further build our customers level of confidence in us." Click the Certification pics above for more information.


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