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2005 Recap of 2004.

From Absolute Theory

to the

senseless Iraqi war as if without end:

Best and Worst of 2004:


Tiger Woods' worst golf year: no wonder. More than friendly Olympics, hanging-out, and more (or less).

Click the pic to get free ANC News and see a pic of Paris Hilton in the nearly nude, sporting a exotic lingerie, see Billionaire twins Mary Kate and Ashley, see Moore, and more!

Former President Bill Clinton suffers heart problems in 2004, Twinkie near death, and Alley obtuse.

If Barbie was human, she'd be 39" 23" 33" (:ANC), but in real life, Barbie started wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms, and SHE BLEW OFF KEN! "she's a phony with plastic boobs. And hey, she's 45!" (:MH p147).

Speaking of boobs, Jackson lost one at the game; Superbowl will never be the same. While President Bush explains his flip flops: Iraq is about terrorism, no, maybe; votes count in Florida, no, maybe; Republicans will strengthen the dollar, no, maybe; nations will rally behind the US, no, maybe.

A flood of businesses and top government officials pull their support from Bush upon learning he doesn't plan, he just does it his way. Meanwhile Wal-Mart claims top honors as it's sales plummet. Microsoft promises investors again, while Grey Wolf and Timken deliver.

A horse proves it's ability to add, subtract, and multiply on TV, while the biggest national powerhouses Russia and US live in harmony in the International Space Station (:ANC). Not to be left behind, Southern Asia advances economically, while once third world China takes Southeast Asia from the US, for it's own with new laws protecting foreign entities (:ANC).

2004 study finds half of doctors "don't wash their hands!" (:MH p148) almost causing celebration over those who do wash their hands, while Absolutivity reveals higher life (:ANC/ICCDBB). Government mistakenly warns of the worst flu season, while NASA discovers sugar in the center of the Milky Way.

After four years of football injurys Madden switches to boxing, only to be immediately and again KO'd. While A Check Exact Kiosk Profit System meekly knocks-out traditional sales methods.

Drug manufacturers increasingly recall their products, while by the same stringent standards nutritionists find natural cures, and while molecular level nutrition takes the lead.

Micro-tech implants advance while stem cell cloning leaps ahead, with the first US cloning of pets for $50,000. Armies revert to nearly hand-to-hand techniques, while micro-machines cover the earth to monitor winds, electromagnetism, and more.

After many victory claims, Bush again fails to bring 'em home for Christmas, instead admitting how tough the Iraqi neighborhoods are, while back "home", Martha Stewart, offshore Marsh insurance group leaders, and many others go to prison, or at least deny guilt, while the rich get richer, and the unmentioned poor tax payers pay for ongoing wars.

Scientists find 75% of fish sold as red snapper are actually other species, including some rare. And you know something's fishy when the Republican White House uses the f_ _ _-word. (sources combined except sentences or phrases as indicated: ANC/Men's Health magazine February 2005: for source details for this site, see this MH issue Best and Worst feature story; all other is ANC sources info). December 26, 2004.


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