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Crawford Hill

Crawford Hill in NW Nebraska, set in a panorama of rangeland, National Forest, and undulating topography, is a formidable obstacle to unit coal trains traversing the Butte subdivision between mile posts 423 and 410 on Burlington Northern Santa Fe's Powder River division enroute to Alliance, NE and points east. Head-end and helper locomotives team up to provide from 20,000 to over 30,000 hp to defeat gravity and friction while moving approximately 30 16,000-ton trains over the hill every day. This double-tracked portion of the Butte features back-to-back horseshoe curves and deep cuts and fills with an average grade of 1.1% (800 feet in 13 miles) and a ruling grade of over 1.7%. All this power running at notch 8 on the throttle excites the audio and visual senses of rail fans while showcasing the impressive capacity and technology of modern Class 1 railroading. 

Click on the mile post links below to view more photos, GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude, and elevation), and detailed information about each of the listed locations.  Thanks for visiting!


Mile Post 418.5

Mile Post 417.6

Mile Post 414.0

Mile Post 413.5

Mile Post 413.0

Mile Post 411.0

Note: Please respect the private property of adjacent landowners and Burlington Northern Santa Fe.

UP 3985 Challenger

The UP 3985 Challenger 4-6-6-4 Alco steam locomotive made an excursion run from Cheyenne, WY to Council Bluffs, IA on 24-25 September 2003.  Photos taken at Lexington and Kearney, NE.


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