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Sammie's Page

I would like everyone to meet my new Labrador Retriever, Sammie. I am just now constructing this site, so it isn't much to look at just yet. But be sure to come back and soon and see all of the updates on my 6 week old black Lab, Sammie!

Check out a picture of Sammie!

Hello everyone! I have had Sammie for almost a week now. And there has been many sleepless nights on my part. But we are getting there. Her potty training seems to be going well. There has only been a few accidents, and yesterday she went to the door when she had to go the bathroom. Sammie is also sitting and learning how to come and fetch. I will definantly keep everyone updated.
I know it has been quite a while since I updated Sammie's website, but I finally got around to do it. I added pictures to the photo album of her.

get this gear!

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Sammie's Page
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