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drama & relationships:

since this isn't really my position, since i've never been in a long term relationship, and all the shit that i'm about to say is just all experience with all the relationships i've witnessed in my life so far, so here it goes:

relationships .. hmm .. all relationships start with perfect divinity. no arguements, no screaming, no abuse, ranting, whining, crying, hitting, smacking, pushing, random wall abuse .. none of that bull shit. everything is in a peaceful tranquil phase of complete happiness, because you just found that special someone that really cares about you the same way you care about them ..

and then you hit a nerve. you pop a blood vessel. you broke to the focal point. your annoyance level just hit the highest point that you really can't take each other anymore.

relationships take time to really be strong. to have a strong foundation and such. whenever a relationship begins to crumble, atleast one of the couple will stand up to keep it alive. one will be contunieing on ranting about it's best to end the relationship, but the other is a complete opposite of that decision. it's back and forth. one day the guy would wanna end it, and the girl would wanna keep it. vice versa. a relationship between two people isn't a relationship without those petty arguments about ... yeap .. nothing.

another thing i've spotted about relationships are: they fight about the most stupidest shit ever known to man! " you dropped my eggo! " - " you flicked my hair! " - " you kicked my dog! " .. no matter how stupid anything is, couples will always fight about the most weirdest things. even married couples do that shit. fucken a' they even fight about eating habits. playing a game. cutting someone's hair. the list is endless.

the good thing about couples are [ maybe a bad thing .. ], no matter how much they argue and fight and scream, and yell, and abuse walls, they still get back together. i don't know why, but it's the circle of endless repetetiveness. you see? the point is that the couples love each other and the only people that can really decide their fate is themselves. they should be smart enough when to end it, as long as they remain friends .. with or without benefits! har har!