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drama & haters:

of course there will be haters in your life no matter what kind. we have the shit talkers .. the instigators .. the people that want attention .. the people that try everything to bring someone down. i know people like that. everyone knows that everyone has been a hater. i've been a hater before. people will talk shit about you when you have something that would make others jealous. my haters are the wanksters that see me with a bunch of hot gurls [ haha ]. people hate on you just because you have talent. for example: if you're a good dancer, automatically, clark high school will try to battle your ass since you're hella good. they're gonna hate on you too. another thing, if you're hella smart, people will hate on you juss for being at the top. haters .. ex girlfriends / boyfriends .. gangsters / wanksters .. gaysians / non - gaysians .. haters suck.

how to deal with haters:
the method of ignoranus. ignore the asses and live your life without getting affected by the damn shit talkers or whatever they shoot at you. you're better than your average hater. you are more speckled than them or whatever. they're just jealous.