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Date: March 5th - March 30th 2000
Media: mixed, group show
Artist(s): invitational to Gallery Sans Nom

Brief Description:

Gallery Sans Nom artists - Moncton Artist Run Centre
Curated by Gallery Coordinator Mario Doucette

This exhibition is an installation based exhibit where the participants will be building a "gallery within the gallery" with small works placed inside the newly built gallery. The artists participating in this exhibit will have all created their works in a small confined, claustrophobic environment. Doucette will present a curatorial statement explaining the relationship of how claustrophobia ties in with our perceptions of 'art'.

Date: April 2000 - May 2000

Media: Paintings/photography

Artist(s): Mara Korkola and Nancy Orr

Brief Description:

Korkola - Toronto Artist
Orr - Texas Artist

Korkola and Orr take the everyday commonplace, houses/landscapes and attempt to represent the too familiar by taking it out of its regular context. In doing so, both strip the veil of familiarity and the viewer is given an opportunity to contemplate the ordinary - the extraordinary in the ordinary, the significance in the seemingly insignificant, the wonder of what we erroneously consider banal in our lives. These two are not primarily engaged with reproducing reality, but rather a more real, truer reality than the one we generally see.

Date: May 2000 - June 2000

Media: Installation

Artist(s): Erik Edson

Brief Description:

Edson - Montreal Artist

Edson will present an installation within the Space around a large enclosure that will be built on-site. In Specimen, the enclosure will be a theatrical one, representing an external world of rural landscape using printed images and small toys in a kind of maquette that will contrast the gallery space and the urban landscape of Saint John.

Date: July 2000 - August 2000
Title: One-One

Media: sculpture

Artist(s): Ray Cronin, Sarah Maloney -

Brief Description:

Cronin- Fredericton Artist, writer, curator
Maloney - Fredericton Artist

Maloney and Cronin will be collaborating together with mixed mediums, specifically - Slate and Fiber. Both have shown solo work. This exhibition will represent the first time this married couple has collaborated and exhibited together.

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