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The following guidelines have been prepared so that each Applicant/Artist who is interested in submitting a proposal to The Space - A Co-op Gallery (The Space) has an informative and equal opportunity to do so. The Space accepts proposals from all forms of art: performance, installations, readings, music, video, sculpture, paintings.

The Space requires the following from each Applicant:

Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

The Space requires an updated Curriculum Vitae, inclusive of history of any/all shows and exhibits, the Artist's present address and telephone number. Should the Artist have any supporting material with respect to the proposal of the exhibit or any past material that may be relevant, this should be included. An artist statement is also required.


It is mandatory that the Artist present slides of the proposed exhibit. Along with these slides, a pre-paid postage return envelope is required to enable the Space to return the Artist's slides to the Artist.

When sending the Proposal, CV and Slides, please mail them to the following:

Judith Mackin, Director
c/o The Space A Co-op Gallery,
Printing Plus Building,
52 Canterbury Street,
Saint John, New Brunswick
E2L 2C5

Artist Fees
The Space - A Co-op Gallery does not provide artist fees as we are not elligible for funding until being in existence three years (we are almost there) However some artists are elligible through the Canada Council for the Arts for program funding.

Membership Fees

The Space - A Co-op Gallery does not have membership fees at this present time.(We will begin this in the Spring 2000)


The Space - requires each Artist to pay to the Gallery a 20% commission of any works sold. This 20% commission is inclusive of any trades, barters, etc. If a piece of the Artist's work exchanges hands as a result of someone seeing the Artist's exhibit in the Space, the Space requires a commission on the said piece. Each Applicant/Artist is required to sign a form agreeing to this regulation.


The Space has a standard fee for invitations. The price of invitations falls within the $60.00 range. However, this may vary due to the number of invitations the Artist may require. This $60.00 quote is an approximate on 200 invitations. The Space has a standard template and a specific Printing Company that it uses for all it's invitations. Although there is room for compromise, The Space wishes to keep a standard invite for each exhibit. All invitations have to be approved and dealt with through The Space. (However, should the Artist be financially incapable of complying to these standards, The Space will endeavor to compromise with photocopying or the alike for the invitations. Again, the standard template will be expected to remain the same.)

If the exhibit which the Artist is participating is a group exhibit, then the cost of the invitations are divided equally amongst the number of Artists participating. If the exhibit is solo in nature, the full amount of the invitations is to be covered by the Artist completely. All monies must be paid to The Space before the invitations will be printed. Invitations are to be printed no later than one week before the Exhibit is scheduled to open.

Gallery Hours:

The Gallery provides a full time operator who will be present at the following times: Monday Closed. Tuesday to Saturday 10 - 6. Sunday by appointment only or scheduled openings. Fall/Winter Hours: Monday to Friday 12:00 - 2:00 pm and Saturdays 11:00 - 5:00 and by request for appointment also.


Openings usually take place on a Sunday afternoon, between the hours of 2:00 - 4:00 pm or 4:00 - 6:00 pm, depending on the exhibit and compatible scheduling between the Artist and the Gallery Operators. The Space is not responsible to provide refreshments. This will be the responsibility of the Artist. The Artist in no way should feel obligated to provide refreshments. It is completely at the discretion of each individual. However, there is to be no alcoholic beverages served or to be brought onto the premises. The Space - A Co-op Gallery is a non-smoking environment.


The Space will endeavor to publicize the Artist's Exhibit. Each exhibit is displayed in the New Brunswick Reader with respect to the Opening Time and Gallery hours, etc. The Space also will endeavor to have the Artist's Exhibit announced on the CBC Art's Report. The Evening Times Globe, to date, has done a review of each exhibit at the Space. However, it should be understood that The Space does not have the ability to ensure this review is covered, nor does the Gallery have any influence on the review with respect to what is written. Any media coverage above and beyond what has been mentioned is the responsibility of the Artist. The Space is to be informed of any additional coverage before it is publicized.


Any sponsorship that the Artist wishes to use for the exhibit has to be approved by The Space.

Delivery and Pick - Up:

It is solely the responsibility of the Artist to ensure delivery and pick up of the said exhibit and the Artist's work thereof. The Space requires to have the Artist's exhibit in it's possession, one week prior to the date of the Opening. The Artist is responsible to pick up the exhibit no later than one week after the exhibit is finished. In the event that a piece of art from the exhibit is sold, this also is the responsibility of the Artist to make arrangements with the purchaser to deliver/pick up of said piece. The Space will endeavor to be as helpful as possible in this area.


The Space requires that the artist leave the gallery in the same repair in which is was entered. The complete tear down of the Artist's exhibit, including any nails, staples, holes, or any changes that require maintenance are to be the complete responsibility of the Artist. The Gallery is to be left as it was found.


The Space - A Co-op Gallery, the Gallery Operator, or the Building Owners, are in no way responsible for any damage, loss, or theft that may occur due to fire, flood, theft or the alike. The Artist/ Applicant is required to sign a legal waiver agreeing to same.

Cooperative Views:

The Space - A Co-op Gallery is open to anyone who wishes to participate within the cooperative theme. The Space is open to those who may wish to participate in fields other than participating in an exhibit. Anyone who wishes to be part of the cooperative in respect to donating their time, supplies, or ideas are asked to submit same to the Gallery.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to call the below mentioned.

(506) 693 - 2281
Judith Mackin,Director, co-founder