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Key Personnel

Judith Mackin

Suzanne Hill, Artist - Advisor
Gordon Jennings, Artist - Advisor
Fred Ross, Artist - Advisor
Lise Hansen, Artist - Advisor
Samuel Palmer Artist - Advisor

Paul Macauley, Gallery Operator

There are approximately 12 - 17 people who are available as needed.

Mailing Address
Printing Plus Building
52 Canterbury Street, 3rd floor
Saint John, New Brunswick
E2L 2C5

Phone: 506 693-2281

If you have any comments of questions, please e-mail us at:

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 10-6
Sundays and Mondays by appointment only

Admission is Free - Everyone Welcome

Wheelchair Accessible - please call ahead

Brief History

Date Established -

Principal events / Main Accomplishments:

The Space - A Non-Commercial Gallery was founded and opened in June, 1997. The Space was founded and established by four partners. Judith Mackin, one of the original partners, continues to follow through as the Gallery's Director and Part Time Curator. Many artists and volunteers work together watching and maintaining the upkeep of the Gallery.

There are approximately 120 artists who have exhibited their work within the gallery since it's opening in June ,1997. We have hosted over 50 exhibitions, including performance art, paintings, sculpture, installation, poetry readings, book launches, musicals, children's exhibits, theatres and plays.

In June 1998, and again in 1999 the Arts Branch of the Province of New Brunswick, granted the Space funding for a full time employee/gallery attendant for a 26 week employment program. More recently, the gallery has been funded through the Canada Council for the Arts for a Maritime Poetry Tour, presenting Barbara Nickel and Governor General Award Winner, Stephanie Bolster.
The Guest Book reflects approximately 4000 visitors to our gallery since its inception.

Geographic Location

The Space is located in the City of Saint John, New Brunswick, at 52 Canterbury Street, part of a designated Heritage Preservation district (Trinity Royal). In this area, there are three (3) "commercial" art galleries, two dealing with fine art, the other dealing with fine art and fine craft. The Space provides a non-commercial venue to the community.
It is a warehouse space on the third floor of an old brick building that once housed a Printing Press Company. It has a freight elevator that provides access to the disabled and also for the transportation of Artist's Work coming into the Gallery.

A large number of the 120 artists who have exhibited their work since 1997 are from Saint John. Other artists have travelled from Moncton, Fredericton, Miramichi, Halifax, Toronto, Newfoundland, Ontario, Ottawa, Vancouver and as far away as Wisconsin. Upcoming Exhibits for the Year 2000 include artist from Texas and Toronto, with a proposed exchange from Vancouver.

As previously mentioned in the brief history paragraph, the Artists Community Served is wide ranging. Not only are the visual artists well represented, but we also provide a venue for other media - poets, authors, playwrights, performance artists, music (both classical and experimental) and live performances with CBC Radio.

Community and Audience Served:

The Space is open to the general public. There is no admission price and everyone is welcome. We are open on a daily basis from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10 - 6. The Space distributes invitations within the Uptown area of the City at libraries, coffee shops, galleries, stores, restaurants, tourist information booths, etc. The Space also has a postal mailing list that sends out information to our faithful supporters . We also have an electronic mail (email) list which circulates across the Country to a wide Variety of people and places, including Universities, Publishing Companies, Art Magazines, other galleries, the Cultural Affairs Officer, Schools, etc.

Within the General Community, the Space encourages tours and visits from local schools of all levels, youth organizations such as Girl Guides, Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, Community Health Centres, and other organizations of this nature.

It is interesting to note that we often attract patrons who would not otherwise visit an arts centre or venue such as a commercial gallery or a museum.


The Space is a non-commercial Gallery committed to representing local, regional and national contemporary artists: The Gallery accepts all artist initiatives - video, film, sound, painting, sculpture, installation, performance, theatre, book readings, launches, work shops, etc.

Main Objectives

For the Artist(s):

  • To allow work to be shown that is not commercially viable
  • To allow work to be shown that is exploratory in nature
  • To present work that is challenging and thought provoking
  • To present work that questions and confronts social and political agendas
  • To provide a standard of acceptance that requires a level of excellence
  • To select based on quality rather than expected 'norms'
  • To suggest provocative group themes
  • To encourage exploratory curation
  • To develop creative partnerships between various artists based on content

For the Public:

  • To be inclusive rather than exclusive; everyone is welcome.
  • To ensure a variety of presentations (programming) conscientious and selective distribution of publicity material specific to interest groups
  • To ensure the gallery attendant is knowledgeable and willing to talk with visitors
  • A non-institutional environment
  • No admission fees, if fee is required for performances, etc. It is always stated in print or verbally that if unable to pay, all are still welcome. No one is ever turned away.

For the Arts Community:

  • To encourage partnerships and exchanges
  • To actively collaborate with other regional galleries, curators and artists.
  • To share and participate in public events
  • To provide input into arts related developments and initiatives

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