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By downloading and using these tracks, you agree that TEU is not responsible for any damages that may occur to your computer from the use of these tracks. They are published for personal use only and may not be re-posted or re-edited without the author(s) consent. We have tried to keep our Nascar sims fun and creative by producing these tracks which require many man hours and instead of holding them to ourselves, we have decided to post them for everyone to enjoy. Thanks - TEU

Real More Info Created Authors
Albany Motor Speedway - Night Click Here 12/24/01 Justin9
Albany Motor Speedway - Day Click Here 12/24/01 Justin9
Albany Text File Update Click Here 01/07/02 Steveb73 & Justin9
New Smyrna Speedway Click Here 01/31/02 Justin9
Fictional More Info Created Authors
OMS2k Ontario 2K 01/31/02 Savatoon
Track Editing Information More Info Created Authors
NEW! N3 Track Length Editing Justin9
NEW! N3 Track Length - Revision 4/25/02 Justin9
NEW! N2 and N3 Wall Moving - 3do editing Justin9

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