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Music and Lyrics by Nicky Beltran

She opens her eyes after they've been shut For only two hours She raises herself out of the bed And prays for the power She feels it cold down in her room So she dresses for snow And when she steps out of the door The sun is shinning so... she looks at the clock and it doesn't stop For her to change So she steps out the door and heads down the road Thinking how strange And she's just a smile away from happiness And sometimes she's complete And sometimes everything goes right And somedays she's just beat And I'm not sure how long she'll go on the way that she goes But she wants to make it in this world And that's all that she knows She's calm and a little outspoken Let's things pass her by Only says what she has to say When the timing is right Has met a lot of friends But keeps only a few Other things take up her time So what can she do So she makes it a point to write a letter For every five that she gets Cause in a perfect world they'd be together Just like when they met This girl that I speak of I know all to well Day after day I live with her It's me, I won't tell I'm watching the sun go up and down Day after night And wondering what it is we need to take out of life