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Music and Lyrics by Nicky Beltran

Step onto the wet floor Push right through the wall Listen for the music Spin until you fall Whisper through the doorway The shower leaves a smile Can't believe you looked my way After such a long time Things are getting better Still not where they should be The longer that I'm in this place, yeah The less I feel like me Sometimes I want to scream out Do you feel the same Try to find some sense and purpose Just Normally insane It's hard to make the right choice And everyone's got good point And everyone's got bad points And who am I to judge Confusion starts to set in I can't seem to find my friends And I can't seem to stretch or bend To fit inside this world Walking down the street Arms swing at my side Eyes look straight ahead to your house I want to wait outside Don't want to feel so crowded Up against the wall Might help if you were here with me Might do nothing at all