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 William Boone Stewart

Possible descendant of Daniel Boone's brother-in-law John Stewart who married Hannah Boone.  See explanation below.

1 Hannah Boone (1746 - 1828)m. John Stewart (ABT 1745 - ABT 1770

source:  Spraker (the Boone family "bible")

Regarding Hannah Boone (and her husband John Stewart)

 About the first of March, 1769, a conference was held in Salisbury, N. C., to devise "ways and means" for making an expedition into Kentucky, and it is believed Stewart, John Findlay, and Daniel Boone, must all have been present.   Soon afterwards, on May 1, 1769, a party consisting of Daniel Boone, John Stewart, who was a skilled woodsman, and three others, set out under the guidance of Findlay for Kentucky.  See   John Filson's "Daniel Boone" from his journals
for the story "in Daniel's own words".

Quoted from an early edition of Spraker's book:
Hannah had four children by her first marriage, with John Stewart, of whom nothing, not even their names, is known.  Of the second marriage, there is but one of her children known; Daniel  Pennington, at whose home in Monroe Co., Ky.,  However, much more is known about Hannah and her children since then.
This site lists some six generations of Hannah Boone Descendants:

It is still missing my forefather, William Boone Stewart.
The Drapers have since found Hannah and John's marriage bond, and most publications count eight children.  Hence our interest in DNA testing, and our joining the Stewart DNA test group.  We might be able to find John Stewart's family, and with enough people looking, the records to connect us through William Boone Stewart.


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