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This entry does not represent a candidate, but instead is the most common set of numbers (Haplotype) that has been found in the European peoples tested so far.  I have used this set of numbers as a standard to compare all the other results to.  The yellow colored blocks marked on the page do not match the Atlantic Modal Haplotype.  My purpose in doing this was to make it easy on the eyes to spot matches and non-matches.  If you look at the first four candidates you can see that they almost match each other perfectly by letting your eyes follow the pattern of the yellow blocks.

The order of candidates on the list is selected by how closely they match each other.  Which should put most families together.

Because almost all of the Stewarts tested so far belong to this most common Haplotype, the 25 marker test is more helpful for determining common ancestry among our Stewarts.


HG1 & HG2

HG1 & HG2 are sub-groups among the Atlantic Modal Haplotype.  So far almost all of our Stewarts belong to HG1.  HG1 or HG2 is determined by the markers DYS388 and DYS390 as below

HG1     DYS388=12        DYS390=24

HG2     DYS388-14        DYS390=22

According to D. Garvey:

If you have a value of "11" at DYS426 then you belong to haplogroup 2 (HG2).

If you have a value of "12" at DYS426 and a value of "11" at DYS392 then you
are a member of HG3

If you have a value of "12" at DYS426 and DON'T have a value of "11" at
DYS392 then you belong toHG1.