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Descendants of Andrew STEWARD/STEWART
1. Andrew STEWARD was born in 1771 in Ringgold, PA. He died about 1845 in Lawrence Co., AR. He was buried about
1845 in Old Lebanon Cemetery, Lawrence Co., AR.
He was married to Mary in 1797. Mary was born in 1777 in NC/MD. She died in 1861 in Powhatan, Lawrence Co., AR. She
was buried in 1861 in Old Lebanon Cemetery, Lawrence Co., AR. Andrew STEWARD and Mary had the following children:
+2 Margaret (Peggy) STEWARD (born in 1804)(Md Hutchinson)
+3 Rachael STEWARD (born on October 26, 1807)(Md Grider)
+4 Ann (Nancy) STEWARD (born in 1808)(Md Harris)
+5 Catherine STEWARD (born in 1810) (Md Shockley & Williams)
+6 Samuel STEWARD (born in 1812) (Md Lucy Ann......?)
+7 Elizabeth STEWARD (born in 1814)(Md Thomason

+8 Jesse Foster STEWARD (born on March 30, 1815 in St. Francois Co, MO. He died on November 30, 1866 in Cedar
Co., MO. He was buried in Oldham Cemetery, Cedar Co., MO.
He was married to Caroline ROBINSON (daughter of William ROBINSON and Mary Ann GEROL) in 1843 in Cedar Co.,
MO. Caroline ROBINSON was born on January 1, 1824. She was buried in 1876 in Cedar Co., MO. She died on
September 7, 1876 in Cedar Co., MO. Jesse Foster STEWARD and Caroline ROBINSON had the following children:

i. William Andrew STEWARD was born on October 22, 1844 in Cedar Co., Benton twp, MO. He
died on May 22, 1864 in Somewhere while serving in Civil War. He was buried after May 22, 1864 in Cedar Co., MO.
ii. James Robinson STEWARD (born on January 30, 1846).
iii. Mary (Polly) Ann STEWARD (born on August 18, 1848).
iv. John R. STEWARD (born on May 26, 1850).
v. Catherine E STEWARD (born on March 8, 1852).
vi. Obediah Smith STEWARD (born on January 12, 1854).
vii. Mary E. STEWARD was born on January 22, 1856 in Jerico Springs, Cedar Co., MO. She died on December 15, 1857 in Cedar Co., MO. She was buried on December 17, 1857 in Oldham Cemetery,
Cedar Co., Mo

+9 Eliza Jane STEWARD (born on January 5, 1859).
+10 Jesse Foster STEWARD (born on April 7, 1861).
+11 Samuel Price STEWARD (born on June 16, 1863).
+9 James STEWARD (born in 1820)(Md Lane & Spoon)
+10 Mary Ann STEWARD (born in 1821) (Md Hill)
+11 Emma STEWARD (born in 1822) (Md Kelly)
+12 Jane Anne STEWARD (born about 1825) (Md Kerscy)