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Rush SDT!!

Informal Rush Begins on September 24, 2002.
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Rush Pictures | Rush Vocab
So what is this thing called RUSH?

It is basically a chance for us (the sisters of SDT) to get to know you, but more importantly it's a chance for you to get to know us.

It's fun. It's relaxed. It's laid back, so there's nothing to be nervous or worried about. We have many new and fun things planned for our informal rush, and we would love for you to come by and check it all out. There's nothing for you to lose...

We understand that everyone faces unique situations. Some of you may have every intention of coming to meet us, however can't due to family commitments, illness, or even transportation problems. If you have any concerns, conflicts, or questions, feel free to contact our Rush Chairperson:

Vanessa Antonelli

Sig Delts are cute, but smart too!

SDT is truly multifaceted. We aren't just the sorority with the best parties, mixers and formals, but also have one of the highest Grade Point Averages on the campus.

In addition, every semester we consistently have sisters that make Dean's list and achieve perfect 4.0s. We take scholarship very seriously, always providing ample opportunities for sisters to maintain and improve their grades.

A Helping Hand

After all that we get from SDT, it's only right that we give to people who aren't as privileged. In the past we've held the Yogurt-A-Thon, Fraternity Feud, and this year we had our first annual Talent Show and Singled-Out. All proceeds go to our national philanthropy, Prevent Child Abulse. In addition, we participate in many other charity events each year.
Let the fun begin!

Sigma Delta Tau always has plenty of fun filled social events on the calendar for the sisters to choose from. They range from mixers, date nights, pot luck dinners, to formals and crush parties.

What is a mixer, you ask? It's when a fraternity and sorority get a chance to meet each other and hang out in a social atmosphere. At SDT we have great themed mixers! In the past some of them have been Mardi Gras, Beach, 80's, and Toga.

And Crush Parties? Crush is a favorite among the sisters. Why? Three girls to every guy...Need we say more???

Date nights and formals are much more elegant. Everyone gets dressed beautifully and dances the night away.

Fall 2002 is going to be one of the best semesters ever due to all the new and exciting social events planned. Ask us at rush and we'll be happy to tell you all about the social aspect of SDT.

A Message From The Sisters:

We hope that your summer is filled with magic and excitement. Once school begins (we know, dont RUSH it!!! haha) we sould love to see you at all our events. We encourage you to check back to the site every once in awhile for updates. If a question ever arises in your mind about SDT or the Greek system in general, please do not hesitate to contact our Rush Chairperson, Vanessa.

If you're an incoming freshman, you won't be able to Rush in the fall, but there will still be many fun-filled activities planned by the sisterhood specifically for you.

We look forward to getting to know you!
-The Sisters of Sigma Delta Tau