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Every year the brothers of Sigma Chi at Rutgers University hold a week long competition between 7 sororities on campus. (Sigma Kappa, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha, Delta Gamma, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Sigma Delta Tau). For the last couple of years we have been working our way to the top, but this year we are actually going there!

Each year there is a theme to Derby Days. Past themes have been The Blair Witch Project, Survivor, and this year's is Scooby Derby Doo. The captain for SDT has been announced and we are thrilled to have Ray Olivera as our representative from Sigma Chi. (Ray-Lo for those of you who don't know!) He is so excited to be on the best team this year and he is putting in alot of time and effort to help us reach our goal as the first place sorority this year.

SDT's senior captain's for the 2002 Derby Days are Adrienne Delli Santi and Vanessa Antonelli. These two sisters have been working with the help of their assistant, Junior Megan Reeves, since the end of last semester preparing and brainstorming for DD02. They have already begun surprising the brothers of Sigma Chi and have made it quite apparent that they are excited for the festivities to begin.

All sisters will be participating in this years event. On Saturday October 5th all of the 7 sororities will be battling it out at the park behind the riverdorms at 1 o'clock in what we call "Field Events". This is one of the best events because we get to work together and be very competitive. On Monday night there will be a Murder Mystery event at the Sigma Chi house at 8 p.m. Wednesday is "Sign a Sig" day, where sisters must write their name and letters on brothers who are wearing Derby Days shirts all day long. The object is to sign as many brothers as you can to gain points for SDT. Friday night is the best night of all "The Lip Sync". This is where each sorority has their time to shine. SDT has put together a great routine this year and the captains are extremely excited of our theme. All sisters will be in the routine and we will definitly be representing SDT to the fullest.

Derby Days is a time for Sig Delts to get together to help Sigma Chi's philanthropy The Children's Miracle Network. The Derby Daddy, Dan Perkins, has put together this year's event along with Mike and Terence. They have definilty put alot of hard work into planning DD02 and SDT is so excited to begin!

Email requests, comments, questions or suggestions to the SDT captains Adrienne and Vanessa