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(San Tro-pay)


San Tropez is a group of six individuals using various apparatuses designed to make sound. We used to consider ourselves 'phychedelic,' but with the evolution of our musical tastes and creative capabilities, it's become rather difficult to place ourselves in any particular genre.

We utilize the standard band ensamble of guitars, bass, and drums with a few additions.

Jimmie Rizla and Matt Ryan are our two lead guitarists. Jimmie has truly developed a style completely his own, if not a bit incoherent to some. He studies under Neal Haverstick, who is a local musician well known in Denver for his work with 19 and 34 tone guitars. Jimmie uses a standard 12 tone guitar, and he uses it well.
Matt Ryan has studied very little of the conventional music technicalities, but his style and creativity is unmatched. There are times where I question if he's a reincarnate of many of the great blues musicians of the early twentieth century.

Behind the drum set is Winnyard Bletch. He learned much by analyzing the methods of the late, great John Henry Bonham of Led Zeppelin amongst other dummers of many different styles of music. He's assisted by the Ira Machine, who specializes in the hand drum department. Ira also contributes the saxaphone and flute.

Syd Scarecrow is the prominent bassist of San Tropez. His ability is rather superb and, like Jimmie, is quite unique if not a bit disconbobulating. Pink Beblowski does the whole organ thing.

Much has come to the San Tropez cause in the last two months. Our recently aquired van has been insured and we are putting together a west coast tour, the dates and locations of which will be posted in the shows section.

As usual, the website has been left unatended for some time now, however a point has been made to keep it update and accurate on a consistent basis. CD's, T-Shirts, and other San Tropez paraphernalia will soon be made available for order online.

Friday, May 30, 2014
After many a year this here site is still kicking. Incredible.
This index was replaced with a redirect to our domain in 2003. Said domain died with the band in 2004. Since I've managed to gain access to the account, I thought the index should be reinstated for posterity.
Couple things:
Thursday, July 17, 2003
As this page blatently shows, there has until now been exscrutiatingly little happening for our cause. However, we have recently acquired a jammin' pad to play in and store our equipment in it's full frankenstein-like state. Syd's van was finally insured last Monday after several weeks of waiting. In celebration, we are planning a three week tour of the coastal western United States. The dates and locations of which will be posted in the shows section once they have been confirmed.
In addition, our merchandise distribution has recently shot up. A source for these items will soon be available via this website.
Wednesday, April 16, 2003
We now have streaming audio versions of 'Lucy Leave' and 'The Stars are Ours' which are available in the music section.
Monday, April 14, 2003
Well, the world of San Tropez has been rather peaceful the past few months. Too peaceful. We had an unfortunate encounter that brought our jamming pad to a thing of the past. For five months, we've just been chillin. We've used this hiatus to continue perfecting our sound system. We finally got a chance to test our ensamble last Saturday. We're having some financial troubles that restrict us from finding a pad to call our own, but those will soon be sorted out. A lot of attention has been directed towards developing our light show, and I hope to see some satisfactory results by the next time we play.