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"Develop An Accounting Package Using VB"

.....Reviewed by PC World Singapore

.....With Source Code


This Book teaches the Procedures, User Interface, Database Creation, Data Acceptance Routines, Managing Data, and Writing Programs to Generate Reports. All the Secrets of developing an Accounting Package have been discussed and explained. Written by people who develop Quickbooks like packages, this book talks about the actual stuff which programmers need.

The Accounting Package developed using Unbound controls can be used as a framework for developing Applications of your requirement. The book discusses all the issues of developing an Complete Database Application which are Masters, Transactions, and Reports.

Once you have developed your own Accounting Package, you will no longer need to buy off - the Shelf Packaged Accounting Software. This book has all that is required to develop a Database Application and with the specs of your requirements all that is required is to put the code in place.

Briefly this book Teaches

  • The components of a complete database Application
  • ADO programming,Using Unbound Controls for Data Acceptance and Reports
  • Maintaining Programmatic control on an application
  • Writing complete reports without using Crystal Reports
  • Standardizing the user interface for Vouchers, Receipts etc.
  • Secrets/Logics of developing an Accounting Package
  • Validations to be kept in an Accounting Package
  • Database design of Accounting Packages
  • Developing QuickBooks like packages using Visual Basic
  • Developing fully menu driven Apps
  • Implementing the Double Entry system in an Accounting Package
  • Designing of Journal voucher
  • Designing of Special purpose Vouchers like Cash Voucher, Cash Receipt, Purchases and Sales
  • Creating a Local Database, storing data and editing
  • DataGrid Usage, For Data Acceptance and Editing of Transactions Enable and Disable Save, Accept and Other Buttons for Easy and Error free Data Entry
  • Immediate Validations of Data entered for error free and rapid data entry
  • Topics in Brief


  • Concept of a Voucher Transaction
  • Accounting Equation
  • Double Entry System
  • Journal
  • Reports, like Income Statement, Trial Balance, Cash Book, Register, Daybook

    Visual Basic

  • Concept of ADO Programming
  • Recordsets
  • Control Structures
  • Controls
  • Forms, Modules, Code Editor, Sub Routines, Functions

    Business Logics

  • Opening RecordSets and Filtering Data
  • Programming Double Entry
  • Programming Masters
  • Pragramming Transaction
  • Establishing Connection to the Database
  • Saving Data into a Table after validations
  • Checking Date Validations
  • Checking for Duplication of Transaction Number
  • Creating Temporory RecordSet
  • Clearing the Form
  • Modifying data in a Grid
  • Totalling Values in a Column of a Grid
  • Deleting Data in a Grid
  • Calculating and formatting data for various reports like Trial Balance, Cash book etc. using ADO programming (Unbound Controls)

    Developing the Application

    This chapter gives a detailed step by step explanation of how to go about developing
    the application. At the end of this chapter you will have an application with all the features
    of an Accounting Package.


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    Weight : 1.7 Pounds
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    List of Customers
    Infosys Technologies
    Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore)
    Karnataka State Financial Corporation
    MSR Insitute of Management Studies
    Videocon (Consumer Electronics)
    UA (French Liquor Company, India)
    OJ Newman Consultant, US
    Seven Lee, Consultant, Indonesia
    Patrick Macann, Accountant, Florida, USA

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    Review of the Book by PCWorld Singapore.

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