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All Tibetan therapies are available at the Centre.Combined therapies such as diet and lifestyle recommendations,herbal pills and powders,golden needle,golden hammer,hormay therapy,copper bowl cuppingtherapy,Tibetan massage,enemas,etc are available at the Centre.In certain cases when normal treatment does not give satisfactory result,Dr.Qusar prepares special herbal recipes for an individual patients which is more compatible for the patients specific health issues.The aim of providing these therapies are to suit the individual constitution and to bring a dynamic and optimal harmony to our body energies.Medicine Buddha Ritual and Prayer is held every month at the Centre for the benefit of all its client and to bless the herbal preparation.Maximum care is given to the herbal preparation.Maximum care is given to the herbs from the time of their collection until the final products to ensure the best quality of Tibetan herbal preparation. Acupuncture treatment,acupressure,ayurvedic massage,foot reflex therapy,pranic healing,reiki therapy and many other alternative treatments are also practised as a complementary therapy.Since its inception,Centre has invited Jordan Van Voast and Sarah Doemland;to give free acupuncture treatments to the local patients.Both are registered acupuncturists in USA.They have successfully treated various patients during their visits.Many more specialists had also visited the centre.


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