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Traditional Tibetan Medicine

is one of the most ancient medical system that still enjoy a living tradition.Tibetan Medicine is a holistic medical system that integrates science,art,and philosphy in its theory and practice.The fundamental of Tibetan Medicine is based on the symbiosis of five elements(Earth,Water,Fire,Air and Space)in a microcosmic and macrocosmic level.These five elements are represented in our body by the three principal energies,known as rLung,Tripa and Badkan. The three principal energies remain in a state of dynamic harmony and disharmony due to various internal and external factors including our diet habit and lifestyle.Simple and a very unique techniques such as pulse reading,urine analysis,tongue and eye readings,special method of interrogations,etc are used to observe the level of principal energies in our body and various therapies are used to restore the harmony of the energies. Tibetan medicine is an integral part of Buddist philosophy emphasising the cultivation of love,compassion,joy and equanimity for an optimal health and happiness.Physicians in particular are expected to observe high moral and ethical standards by generating an altruistic attitude to all his patients without any discrimination of caste,creed or color.


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