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June 20th, 2001 12:57am
Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!
xOxO Nicky XoXo

June 13th, 2004 4:55pm
Ok, I feel bad I havent updated this journal in forever. I really do. So 6 Days until my wonderful birthday! hehehe I can not waiiiiit. June 24th I'm going to FL for a few days. The sometime after that going to see the lovely Jessica Simpson in Hershey, PA. So this should be an exciting summer. As of right now, I'm looking for a new Marilyn Monroe standup since mine got a lil screwed up. Who the hell knew balloons melt?!? Well some freakin balloons melted on her...ahhhhh poor thing. I bought Christmas presents today. Some wood stuff to paint, and went to my grandmas. Oh what fun. As for now, I'm going to go...just really wanted to say hi..and make sure you guys don't think I left ya. Have an awesome week ahead! And I will keep you posted!
xOxO Nicky XoXo

June 1st, 2004 12:08am
!!!Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe!!!
xOxO Nicky XoXo

Saturday, May 15th, 2004
What an AWESOME night!!!!!! I just got back from NYC. The show (Beauty and the Beast) was amazing...hehe its my second time seeing it. Christie is suchh a great actress! The singing could have been slightly better but other than that I loved it. After the show, I got to meet Christie and she is sooooo sweet! And she signed a picture for me. By the way, Christie Carlson Romano is on the Disney Channel in Even Stevens and the voice of Kim Possible. After the show, my family and I went to a restaurant with autographs all over the walls. lol I wish I had that many. It was a great night. And now I'm so exhausted. Tommorrow is my mom's birthday so I'm probably doing something for that. As for now, I am off to bed! Sweetdreams and Thanks for the memories!!! ;)~ xOxO Nicky XoXo

May 4th, 2004 12:51pm
Alright, I know I havent been updating here alot. But as of now, I will start updating again a few times a week! California was great! Extremmly hot though. That sat., I stayed in Santa Monica..which was nice did alot of shopping and saw Ella Enchanted with my sister. Sunday, I went to Hollywood and the Farmers Market. Then off to DisneyLand! Brandt came and I hungout with him all day. Which was awesome. I always have a good time hanging out with him. Then Monday and Tues., was at Disney. Good times. I came home Weds. On thurs and Fri, just hungout, & caught up on sleep. Sat., I had to babysit from 2:50pm to 12:20am...What a freaking joke. The kid cried and was just annoying. And on top of it, he was SICK. Sunday, went to a boat show..won 1st place hehe. The babysat from 4-8. Which SUCKED! I will never babysit that freaking kid again...mainly cuz of the parents. When I got there sunday, the dad was like you didnt tell me (his wifes friend) came over to get the kid medicine...and I told him the day before. Then hes like make sure the kid eats...on time this time cuz he didnt eat today. Note: I was there at 4! And he did eat on time on Sat. Then he asked if I called his pager which I freaking did...So yesterday, she calls up my mom saying that her and her husband had a disscussion(sp?) about me. WHAT THE FUCKKKK? And said that I didnt call anyone...which I did...she even called me back when I called her sat., What a bunch of fucking assmunches. I didnt even get paid yet!!! I better get paid today... Thats my vent for the week! LOL Anyhoo, I watched The Sopranos on Sunday...hehe as usual. And basically here I am. I hope you all have an awesome week! Talk to you laterz!
xOxO Nicky XoXo

April 19th, 2004 1:27am
Have a good week everybodyyyy!!! Happy Monday!
xOxO me XoXo

April 17th, 2004 6:05pm
6 Beautiful days Until California! hehehe I am starting to get sOoOoOo excited! :) Its like 80 degrees outside. INSANE! I hope all of you guys have an excellent weekend!!!!
xOxO Nicky XoXo

April 11th, 2004 12:20am
Happy Easter!!! hehe Hope the Bunny brings u good stuff. Anyhoo, I just got back from the Britney Spears concert. I loved it! hehe It was verry sexual at points which I thought was ridiculous. You dont dance around in almost nothing when 80% of your fans are like 12 years old. But I love Britney anyways. As of right now, I feel sick. I have a crazy headache and just need sleepums. SO, I hope all of you guys have an awesome Easter!!! Stay well, and sweetdreams! ;) hehehe
Thanks for the memories!
~*~xOxO Nicky XoXo~*~

April 6th, 2004 2:50pm
Hello all. Just wanted to drop in and say hello. lol So it dosnt seem like I abandoned this site. Beacuse I deff. didn't. I've been trying to work out a new layout, added more quotes, bio, links and hopefully soon some new pictures! So keepchecking back for more!
~Thanks for the memories~
xOxO Nicky XoXo

April 1st, 2004 12:39am
Happy April Fool's Day! hehe So you like the new music? Its relaxing. I saw Secret Window today with my mom is was very good! I didnt expect the ending. And Johnny Depp is an awesome actor with kewl hair. Today was a good day. My eye is getting better. Still looks like I got punched lol but its kewl. Then went to Billays house for a little. Just a good ending to a day. :) Ok, I'm to you soon!
xOxO Nicky XoXO

March 31st, 2004 11:55pm
My eyes are totally swollen. My left eye is pretty good but my right eyes is almost closed. Last night I think I have some kind of nut and thats what screwed me up. It almost looks like im chinese and got beaten up lol But worse. Bahhh this sucks. I'm going to see a movie with my mom at 1:15. And then buy Michael Buble's new album Come Fly With Me. Should be interesting. I am deff. wearing sunglasses going out. lol Even though its not sunny. I'd look more a freak without them on. Thats my little rant for today. hehe Alright peoples, I'm off.
~Thanks for the memories~
xOxO me XoXo

March 19th, 2004 6:14pm
Hey all. I just got back from a woodworking class I did with my dad...for Boy Scouts. Boys are evil. lol There were 12 of those little six year olds and those mothers had no control other them at all. Its like hellllooo dont let them run around. Thank god my dad nailed all of them together cuz those kids would be dead. hehe And those mothers are so stupid. They have more money than god and don't know how to do the easiest things. So yea, I have paint all over my clothes, 2 burns on my hand from hot glue lol and a headache. But overall, I made money and don't have to worry about woodworking till next November.
My quote:
People go to college and get their degrees, but the one thing you dont get is a degree for comon sense. ~me
Thanks for the memories!
xOxO Nicky XoXo

March 13th, 2004 1:06pm
I'm BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCCCCCCkkkkk! hehehe Keep checking for updates!
xOxO Nicky XoXo