June 28th, 2003 1:32am
Hey peoplez! sUp?!? hehe not much here about to go to bed soon...just got off the phone...oOo Tommorrow is Danielle's Graduation party. Should be fun! The Sunday is The Boat Club picnic lol so yea I havent been up to much...went to the huge carnival on weds...hehe tooo many spinny rides lol YAY spongebob!!! lol Yesterday...I dont even remember what I did...And today, I hungout in my lil pool. hehe Then I had music lessons at 5:30pm since I missed weds. The went to TGI Fridays for Josh's birthday! yay fun! hehe After that..came home and hungout by the pool, watched Baby Take A Bow and part of Curly Top (Shirley Temple movies) and hungout outside for a bit and here I am! SO all, I will talk to you later...have a good night everyone..sweetdreams and stay kewl!!!
~*~!!!HaPpY BiRtHdAy JoSh!!!~*~
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 24th, 2003 4:17pm
LOL wow I just realized I never finished my last entry. So yea, my birthday was really good....went out for lunch, mall hehe :) then dinner then went to see Alex and Emma which was a cute movie! Yup yup I had an awesome time! I got everything I wanted....movies, makeup, LOL my bride of chucky doll and whatnot :)~ I just finished watching Simone..which wasnt all that bad of a movie I liked it. Then I started watching Gosford Park...hehe Ryan Philippe is awesome!!! I watched The Shining the other night..its a great horror movie. since I got the dvd, it had the making of The Shining which was very interesting to watch. So yea, I am staying inside for a bit today since its like 90 degrees out...I was going to go out to tan for a bit but nahhh lol too hot I like to stay in my air conditioned house! I think I am going to go and write more of my movie maybe....we shall see! O I scanned pics from my party so that will be up soon! I am off once again so talk to you later and stay kewl!
~*~HaPpY BiRtHdAy SaMaNtHa~*~
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 22nd, 2003
SSSSSSSSSSSuuppies? My birthday was soooo awesome!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 20th, 2003 1:04am
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 17th, 2003 9:13pm
Heyyyyy! TWO DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAYYY lol I cant wait!! And like 31 days until I go to California! Which will be ohhhh sooo much fun! Today I went fishing lol it was a lott of fun (do worms bite?)LMAO Tommorrow I have 1 hr voice lessons since i skipped last week...then no more after June! hehe Then at like 6 is my sisters Graduation LOL should be fun...not lol So yea I am all excited....I must be off now but I will talk to you all laterz! Stay kewl!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 13th, 2003 9:55pm
Why hello you lovely people...what are you all up to on this rainy day? LOL yea well anyhoo, I went SHOPPING today lol and got stuffed animals...seriously I am addicted to those freakin furry things. NEVER bring me into a disney store..its bad news lol ANyhoo, hehe I also went fisssssshing which was oh so much fun LOL even tho we didn't catch anyyything at all except a tree LOL oOo and starbucks was good this morning lol those coconut things are awesome! And I had oooh sooo much fun at dinner tonight with Lauren LOL yay ketchup!!! Right now, I seriously need to clean up my room to put my dvd player in there...(oo yesterday I went shopping too LOL and bought a dvd player hehe) So hopefully, that will be all finished by tonight sometime. As for this weekend, I dont really know whats happening...Sunday is Father's Day (I got my dad a Ozzy Osbourne talking doll LMAO) next weds is my sister's 8th grd graduation and then FRIDAY.....ONE WEEK AWAY FROM NOW....ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! YAY I can't wait!!!! hehe lol wellz it was fun talking to all of you but for now I must go and finish up my room so stay kewl everyone and ttyl!!! :)~
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 10th, 2003 2:53pm
Hey! Whats up? not much here...its verrry nice out today its like hot and perfect for laying out and getting a tan ;) hehe But anyhoo, this weekend was veryyy eventful. On sat., I had my party which was oh so much fun! Im going to have some pics scanned on here from it for you all to enjoy lol On Sunday, I went to a ren faire which was a lot of fun. The I went to go see Wrong Turn...ARrRrRr LOL dont go see that movie...its not the best lol thats for sure. Although the little jumpy parts scared me, the idea of the movie was horrible. I had a great time though!!! As for this week, work in the morning...which isnt too bad then on weds. I have voice lessons. And Sunday is father's day and OMG next friday is my b-day!!!! LOL I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan't wait!!!!!! This summer is deffinately going to be very eventful!! I better get going so stay kewl everyone!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 7th, 2003 1:54am
yea..its me...I'm not in the greatest mood right now..and honestly I don't want to talk about it. Its pointless to...I don't even want to put it in here but whatever. Thats the only thing reallly bothering me right now...so I guess I will just go and leave it as it is...sweetdreams everyone...and stay kewl.
xoxo me xoxo

June 4th, 2003 2:54pm
Ok, so I havent' really updated even though so much has been going on...Lets see, on Sunday I went to ZOOTOPIA...it was sooooo much fun!!! lol The best part was seeing Simple Plan! I will be putting up some pics from it. I also have like two pictures I have to put up from the Avril Lavigne concert too. Sunday morning-early afternoon I went to a boat show. I got 1st hehe :) It was a very eventful day. During the concert though the temp. dropped and it was sooo cold (since it was at Giants Stadium. But yea, it was really good. It was kind of sad though seeing TLC..with it being their last performance and all. Anyhoo, I am getting ready for my party on Sat. Which should be awesome!!!hehe its a Lilo and Stitch theme, Yea, I know I am a dork o wellz. How can you not love that blue lil furry dude? I will DEFF. have tons of pics from that. My dad is making like two poster things for my party with pics of me from when I was lil and stuff. I think its cute. My dad's friend did that at his last party...so I will show u that soon! Anyhoo, I had an hour of voice lessons today...it went very well! hehe ANnete gave me this awesome lil frog sticker LOL Well, I better get going and scan some pics...so everyone, have a wonderful day and ttyl! StAy KeWl!!!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 1st, 2003 2:12am
FINALLY!!! my recital is over...o geeez what a freakin day it has been. I screwed up the first preformance cuz they changed stuff...o wellz the second one went very well though :)
xoxo nicky xoxo