Hey, my name is Nicole. Some call me Nicky, Nick..
whatever tickles your pickle. I am 19 years old
and I currently live in New Jersey. My school
life: I am in school (online taking) classes for
Physical Therapy. Once that finishes I will be
going to school to be a Bridal Consultant. Which
is something that I deffinately want to do. Its
alllways good to have a few backups. As for my
hobbies, I love collecting autographs. I have well
over 70...and they keep coming in. I also like to
draw, make movies and of course sing. One of my
goals is to eventually start a foundation called
With Love <3 I am already starting it now, as you
may have seen. Its for children with cancer. I
want to eventually collect money for their
familes. As the treatments are extremly expensive
and some cannot afford it. I would also like to
make sure they have presents around the holiday time.

I love to listen to music. My favorite artists include Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, P!nk,
and a few others. Some of my favortie actors/actresses are Lucy Ball, Bob Hope,
Erik von Detten, Angelina Jolie, Mandy Moore and Trent Ford. If I could be someone famous,
I don't think I would be anyone. Everyone has their own original style.
I don't like to copy.

I am afraid of snakes. I just don't like them. My favorite website?
Mine of course. My favorite color is purple. And last but not least, to describe
myself in one word. I think it would be gifted.
Below, I have included some of my favorites. Enjoy!

My Favorites: Italian ice, gummy bears, rollercoasters, sunsets, hugs, lipgloss, stuffed animals,
friends, surprises, singing, stars, good books, music, dancing in the rain, smiles,
dancing, bubble baths, being comfortable, good convos with good people, relaxin, new clothes, pictures, roses,
purses, vacation, smiling, hugs, warm nights, massages ;), pajamas, hoodies,
good movies, long phone convos, palm trees, beach, concerts, cuddles, my guinea pig and bunny, getting a manicure,
monkeys, EvD, visors, jeep wranglers, decorating, drawing, sunglasses, basketball and shopping!
hehe I'm also trying to learn how to play the electric guitar!