~*~*~*~JUNE 2003~*~*~*~

June 28th, 2003 1:32am
Hey peoplez! sUp?!? hehe not much here about to go to bed soon...just got off the phone...oOo Tommorrow is Danielle's Graduation party. Should be fun! The Sunday is The Boat Club picnic lol so yea I havent been up to much...went to the huge carnival on weds...hehe tooo many spinny rides lol YAY spongebob!!! lol Yesterday...I dont even remember what I did...And today, I hungout in my lil pool. hehe Then I had music lessons at 5:30pm since I missed weds. The went to TGI Fridays for Josh's birthday! yay fun! hehe After that..came home and hungout by the pool, watched Baby Take A Bow and part of Curly Top (Shirley Temple movies) and hungout outside for a bit and here I am! SO all, I will talk to you later...have a good night everyone..sweetdreams and stay kewl!!!
~*~!!!HaPpY BiRtHdAy JoSh!!!~*~
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 24th, 2003 4:17pm
LOL wow I just realized I never finished my last entry. So yea, my birthday was really good....went out for lunch, mall hehe :) then dinner then went to see Alex and Emma which was a cute movie! Yup yup I had an awesome time! I got everything I wanted....movies, makeup, LOL my bride of chucky doll and whatnot :)~ I just finished watching Simone..which wasnt all that bad of a movie I liked it. Then I started watching Gosford Park...hehe Ryan Philippe is awesome!!! I watched The Shining the other night..its a great horror movie. since I got the dvd, it had the making of The Shining which was very interesting to watch. So yea, I am staying inside for a bit today since its like 90 degrees out...I was going to go out to tan for a bit but nahhh lol too hot I like to stay in my air conditioned house! I think I am going to go and write more of my movie maybe....we shall see! O I scanned pics from my party so that will be up soon! I am off once again so talk to you later and stay kewl!
~*~HaPpY BiRtHdAy SaMaNtHa~*~
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 22nd, 2003
SSSSSSSSSSSuuppies? My birthday was soooo awesome!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 20th, 2003 1:04am
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 17th, 2003 9:13pm
Heyyyyy! TWO DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAYYY lol I cant wait!! And like 31 days until I go to California! Which will be ohhhh sooo much fun! Today I went fishing lol it was a lott of fun (do worms bite?)LMAO Tommorrow I have 1 hr voice lessons since i skipped last week...then no more after June! hehe Then at like 6 is my sisters Graduation LOL should be fun...not lol So yea I am all excited....I must be off now but I will talk to you all laterz! Stay kewl!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 13th, 2003 9:55pm
Why hello you lovely people...what are you all up to on this rainy day? LOL yea well anyhoo, I went SHOPPING today lol and got stuffed animals...seriously I am addicted to those freakin furry things. NEVER bring me into a disney store..its bad news lol ANyhoo, hehe I also went fisssssshing which was oh so much fun LOL even tho we didn't catch anyyything at all except a tree LOL oOo and starbucks was good this morning lol those coconut things are awesome! And I had oooh sooo much fun at dinner tonight with Lauren LOL yay ketchup!!! Right now, I seriously need to clean up my room to put my dvd player in there...(oo yesterday I went shopping too LOL and bought a dvd player hehe) So hopefully, that will be all finished by tonight sometime. As for this weekend, I dont really know whats happening...Sunday is Father's Day (I got my dad a Ozzy Osbourne talking doll LMAO) next weds is my sister's 8th grd graduation and then FRIDAY.....ONE WEEK AWAY FROM NOW....ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! YAY I can't wait!!!! hehe lol wellz it was fun talking to all of you but for now I must go and finish up my room so stay kewl everyone and ttyl!!! :)~
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 10th, 2003 2:53pm
Hey! Whats up? not much here...its verrry nice out today its like hot and perfect for laying out and getting a tan ;) hehe But anyhoo, this weekend was veryyy eventful. On sat., I had my party which was oh so much fun! Im going to have some pics scanned on here from it for you all to enjoy lol On Sunday, I went to a ren faire which was a lot of fun. The I went to go see Wrong Turn...ARrRrRr LOL dont go see that movie...its not the best lol thats for sure. Although the little jumpy parts scared me, the idea of the movie was horrible. I had a great time though!!! As for this week, work in the morning...which isnt too bad then on weds. I have voice lessons. And Sunday is father's day and OMG next friday is my b-day!!!! LOL I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan't wait!!!!!! This summer is deffinately going to be very eventful!! I better get going so stay kewl everyone!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 7th, 2003 1:54am
yea..its me...I'm not in the greatest mood right now..and honestly I don't want to talk about it. Its pointless to...I don't even want to put it in here but whatever. Thats the only thing reallly bothering me right now...so I guess I will just go and leave it as it is...sweetdreams everyone...and stay kewl.
xoxo me xoxo

June 4th, 2003 2:54pm
Ok, so I havent' really updated even though so much has been going on...Lets see, on Sunday I went to ZOOTOPIA...it was sooooo much fun!!! lol The best part was seeing Simple Plan! I will be putting up some pics from it. I also have like two pictures I have to put up from the Avril Lavigne concert too. Sunday morning-early afternoon I went to a boat show. I got 1st hehe :) It was a very eventful day. During the concert though the temp. dropped and it was sooo cold (since it was at Giants Stadium. But yea, it was really good. It was kind of sad though seeing TLC..with it being their last performance and all. Anyhoo, I am getting ready for my party on Sat. Which should be awesome!!!hehe its a Lilo and Stitch theme, Yea, I know I am a dork o wellz. How can you not love that blue lil furry dude? I will DEFF. have tons of pics from that. My dad is making like two poster things for my party with pics of me from when I was lil and stuff. I think its cute. My dad's friend did that at his last party...so I will show u that soon! Anyhoo, I had an hour of voice lessons today...it went very well! hehe ANnete gave me this awesome lil frog sticker LOL Well, I better get going and scan some pics...so everyone, have a wonderful day and ttyl! StAy KeWl!!!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

June 1st, 2003 2:12am
FINALLY!!! my recital is over...o geeez what a freakin day it has been. I screwed up the first preformance cuz they changed stuff...o wellz the second one went very well though :)
xoxo nicky xoxo

~*~*~*~MAY 2003~*~*~*~

May 31st, 2003 2:40am
AhHhHh I'm fucking nervous LOL I have the recital tommorrow...and ahhhh I dont know the song well enough...so yea I dunno what I am going to do about that. lol I had a very interesting day today...it was fun though. Well this is going to be a busy weekend..hehe sunday boat thing then Zootopia! WOOHOO!! yea so I better get some sleep....sweetdreams everyone! hehehe....stay kewl!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

May 29th, 2003
Ok all, I am back lol tonight didn'n turn out so bad after all hehe..I went to my grandmas to celebrate my dad's birthday..which wasn't that bad...then josh came hehe and we went out to celebrate Rol's b-day! I had a really great time :) Now, I am just listening to Krystal :) hehe she is an awesome singer! Im supergirl and im here to save the world but I wanna know whos gonna save me lalalaala And talking to Josh, who I havn't talked to in forever...(dont get confused by the josh's LOL) I'm also talking to josh and Crystal LOL ahhh sooo confusing I know...o wellz what can you do?!? I am off to shopping online hehe ooooo so much fun!!! So Sweetdreams everyone and stay kewl!!!
xoxo me xoxo

May 28th, 3002 7:28pm
Hey....yea its me again...today sucked...well not totally..but yea. Voice lessons sucked. I couldn;t sing high at all since I've been sick...and I have to in the song for my recital...I really hope I am all better by sat. Yea, I am just worried about that. I really don't feel like screwing up. I have to go to my grandmas soon...YAY fun lol for my dad's b-day which is tommorrow. blah...and Josh isnt going to be around l8er tonight :( lol its kewl though I just miss him! So I shall go out with Lauren maybe...good times! Well I better go..so ttyl...stay kewl!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

May 25th, 2003 3:05pm
ok so I didn't really finish updating the last post but who cares? LOL wait....I know you really do care...what am I saying? Anyhoo, when I got home tonight my mom totally surprised me and told me I am going to the ZOOTOPIA concert next weekend for my b-day!!!! (For those of you who dont know, Zootopia is a concert put on by the radios station Z100) YAYYYYY!! I cant wait...I mean seriously can not wait ok....and do you know whos going to be there? Of course you dont! So I'll tell you! lol Kelly Clarkson, Clay Atkin & Ruben Studdard, TLC, Mariah Carey, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Jewl, Third Eye Blind, Aerosmith, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Daniel Bedingfield, JC Chasez, Bowling for Soup, Ginuwine, Britney Spears and Lisa Marie Presley...yea so I am extremly excited about this!!!!! hehe I love simple plan....they are like one of my fav bands!!!! ok, so I am done going on and on about that...I need to make a quick phone call lol then off to bed...so sweetdreams and stay kewl everyone!!!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

May 23rd, 2003
Heyyy! Whaaasssuup? Not much here...strting to get my clothes together for when I go out tonight yay!!! lol I can't wait :)~ hehe
xoxo Nicky xoxo

May 21st, 2003
hi all, once again I cant think of what to write... I am sick..this sucks..I have like no voice. I didnt go to voice lessons today..so that means only 1 more lesson till my recital ahhhhhhhh. o wellz what can u do? Its raining out...which makes me feel worse cuz everything is just like blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
xoxo Nicky xoxo

May 19th, 2003 11:54am Heyyyyyy! blahhhhhh lol I cant think of what to write now.....so I'll be back l8er...stay kewl!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

May 16th, 2003 6:33pm
hey peoplessss its me! lol I am in such a great mood today...yesterday I had oh so much fun! Josh and I went to the mall! lol It was soooo much fun and yay I got my tiara! hehe Then we saw Identity OMG lol that movie was scary..well at least to me but it was really good. Good times!!! hehe So now I have to look for a gown...a prom dress type of thing for my recital ahh that should be interesting...I think I'm going to go with a light purple or blue one..we shall see! And OMG my party is coming up!!!!! I am EXTREMLY exctied about that lol Well my friends, I must go so I will be on wayyyy later tonight!!! So ttyl and stay kewl!
xoxo nicky xoxo

May 14th, 2003 2:43am
another day is going by Im thinking about you all the time but your out there and im here waiting......this could be the one last chance to make you understand....I'd DO ANYTHING just to hold you in my arms lalalalalalala yea, that song is SOOOO stuck in my head right now!!! lol I had such an awesome time!!! hehe thank you Rol for coming with me!!!!! Yup, awesome sets..GOB was so good! Simple Plan was amazing lol I love them and Avril.....she is just incredible her set was awesome! Yup, and increible day! And to top it alll off I saw Josh too!YAYYYYY!!!! hehe good times! Yes, the devil building was an awesome site to see lol I suggest all you people go drive by and take a look..no I'm not a witch!!!! or am i??? LOL Yes, I will leave you with that thought I NEED SLEEP...sweetdreamss ttyl peoples..stay kewl!
xoxo ME xoxo
(ROL....ALL I WANT FOR X-MAS IS MY OWN MILF!!!.!!!) lol please do not ask lol

May 9th, 2003 3:30am
Ok, first off, check out http://www.angelfire.com/nb/nickthegirl/concert.html I only have one pic from the Kelly O concert but more pics from concerts I went to will be up soon! I promise! lol Anyhoo, I am not up to much. I'm starting to get tired...sloowwwwwlllyyy...but I really want to post more pics. Maybe I will just wait till tommorrow? hmmm anyhoo, I dunno what I am doing this weekend lol although Sunday is Mother's Day...and Sat. is rehearsal..other than that I dunno...whatever I'm tired. And YAY the Avril concert is coming up hehehe shes awesome! oOoOo 41 days till my b-day! I caaaaaan't wait!! It should b fun. Well my friends, I am once again off to sleep...so sweetdreams and stay kewl!
xoxo me xoxo

May 5th, 2003 11:47pm
hi :o) I'm just sitting here drinking sprite...talking to people. Tommorrow I have to get up at like 7:30am then I have an appointment at 10 for school then I'm going shopping. yay! I love shopping. Seriously, don't think my life revolves around shopping and that I do nothing all day....actually during the day I draw sometimes and come up with creative things I can do or make. I also go for like a 3 mile walk every day..its very relaxing to walk around through the woods and think up ideas for movies and such. I'm just taking this year off thats all...I try not to care what people say about me working or school but it gets to me. whatever. It was my choice...everyone has a choice. I will be working once again in june..and going to school in Sept. Then, maybe people will shut up..driving...ok lets not even get into that...when I drive, I drive thats it..leave me alone I don't want to hear it. yea..so thats on my mind right now. It rained today...which was nice in a way beacuse sometimes its nice to be inside reading a book or something while listening to the rain fall..hehe I can't wait for this summer...first of all its my b-day, I am just excited about that. Then I go to Cali to see my friends there :) YAY! I can't wait...hehe then I'm going to go see Dalina! Then all these concerts! Its going to be so much fun this summer. I'm not going to have voice lessons in July beacuse I wont be able to go there every week oh well its still kewl :) Well, I am going to go so everyone, have a great night, sweetdreams, and stay kewl!!!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

May 5th, 2003 3:49pm
Hey peoples! Sup? Not much here..working on my sites a little. YAY I won the golden web award for this site! hehe yayyyy me!!! lol yea..well I am going to go so I'll ttyl..stay kewl!
xoxo me xoxo

May 4th, 2003 3:02am
Wow I am so fucking tired...I just got back from X-Men 2..it was good lol OMG I have to wake up in 4 hours...FOUR WHOLE HOURS!!!! geezzz lol I was so hyper today lol non stop giggles here...I think its from the icepops I had lol DAMN those icepops!!! I went to rehearsal today...pretty good although their dance moves SUCK.. yea anyhoo I really think I should get going...WAIT..YOU THERE...WAIT...I just notcied...I put times now after the date wow thats weird..whatever. I can't believe you are still reading this..am I THAT interesting...guess so...yup so my creative mind needs rest once again so I will post tommorrow unless the evil gopher gets me...did you know he will turn you into blue pancakes?? seriously...watch out....Sweeetdreams!!!!!!!! and Stay Kewl!
xoxo meee xoxo

May 3rd, 2003 12:41am
Hey, ahh I don't really feel like posting but I just wanted to say hi. My shoulder sux...it has been fucked up all day. I have to go back Monday now :( Anyhoo, I have rehearsal tommorrow..I am excited about that it should be fun. And on Tuesday I go to look at Capri and register for sept. yay. Anyhoo, I am going to go lol I am in paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain...sweetdreams and stay kewl!
xoxo nicky xoxo

~*~*~*~*~APRIL 2003~*~*~*~*~

April 30th, 2003 11:43pm
heyyyy...I'm listening to some Mariah Carey...LOL the old Mariah Carey and Boyz 2 Men..it so calms me down....anyhoo, I'm really excited about my recital! Even though I probably mentioned that like a million times.....LOL i know this is kinda random but I love this song...thank god i found you..i was lost without you...my every wish and every dream somehow became reality...lalalala anyhoo...I am off to take some pics or something so sweetdreams and stay kewl!
xoxo meeee xoxo

April 29th, 2003 12:59am
Guess whos back...back again...Nickys back...tell a friend lalalalalala lalala..anyhoo sup all? ahh I'm so sleepy tonight and my shoulder is killing me ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh lemonade does the body good mmmmmm yea ok so anyways lol sorry this journel entry isnt as exciting as my previous ones im going to go so like I will talk to you later, sweetdreams, stay kewl bla bla bla!
xoxo meeee xoxo

April 28th, 2003 12:17am
Hey all! I am extremly tired I had like no sleep last night LOL thanks to the snoring one :) hehe j/k!!!(I had a really good time)Today was such a busy day! I went to renaissance faire hehe...it was fun dressing up and looking at all the stuff :) I can't wait to go back to another one! I have no idea what I am doing this week..I know theres stuff to do I just can't think of what right now LOL I have rehearsal Sat. from 1-2:30 or something like that for my recital yay I'm excited about that. I don't know if I want to do that song yet I think I might want to wait till next recital and do a diff one And then just do the song with the lil group..the next one is only like 2 or so months away anyway hehe I can wait...we shall see! Ok, so I am off to bed I really need sleep and my shoulder is totally in pain right now ahhhh maybe I will just finish watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding and have an italian ice lol that might help the pain LOL...so talk to you later and sweetdreams...hehe stay kewl!
xoxo Nicky xoxo
April 26th, 2003 1:19pm
Hey all. I am so sleepy right now...lol I went to bed wayyy to late last night! Anyhoo, I am up to absolutly nothing today. I feel so blah right now. I better get going...ttyl. Stay kewl.
xoxo nicky xoxo

April 26th, 2003 1:50am
Whhhhassssuppp homies..fo shizzle my nizzle or whatever...yea I am sleepy well sort of sleepy...I need moooore coffee to keep me up..wait no coffee..I need SUGAR thats stuff is godly hehe so yea I totally cleaned out my room before what a freakin mess. I had so much papers and stuff and all of my drawings it was crazzzzzy. yup yup...ahh I watched the ring the other night...god damn that movie scares me...all beacuase of when i saw it in the movies and then my phone rang that night...seriously that is sum scary shit. It freaked me out, I had nightmares for like 2 weeks LOL That reminds me I still need to find the bride of chucky doll ahhh i want it i need it ahhhh LOL Anyhoo, I am working on writing the story for carnival then eventually a script...and today as I was driving past the park near me I thought of another one...no name yet though. But the idea is good..and then that movie can lead on to the Tree Man hehe NO I AM NOT CRAZY!!!! its good ideas I tell you! Anyhoo, maybe I will get sum chunky monkey ice cream hahah yummmmmmyyy! that might keep me up a lil longer lol. O yea I didnt tell you guys about my adventure with the geese the other day! Ok, so here goes...I was walking through this trail in the park with my mom, and 2 geese were right in front of me...(I am really afraid of geese cuz i was attacked like 2 times before LOL) so anyway I tell my mom to go first and they start hissing...that freaked me out so i started screaming...so yea my mom told me to shut up and we walked another way....as we were walking, the two geese starting flying towards me...like righhht towards me so i started screaming and i ran soooo fast out of there..yea just thought i would share that with you LOL ooo you had to have been there LOL anyhoo, I must be boring you by now...HA but thats ok o yea check this out http://www.blacktearfilms.50megs.com/index.html hehe thats the film site I am part of the crew LOL YAY ME!!!!!!!!! I think I will make my own film thing lol thatd be kewl I have some weird ideas and junk. yea whatever I'm a dork...blah blah blah You know what I just realized..I am going to Ozzfest, how the hell am I going to handle that?!!?? lol Seriously, I am used to like nsync and stuff o wellz Ok, I am going to go maybe take some pics... so ttyl, sweetdreams, and stay kewl! DONT FORGET TO CLOSE YOUR CURTAINS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL hehe or dont leave ur window open cuz pennywise will come and get u LMAO XOXO MEEEEE XOXO

April 25th, 2003
Whhhhassssup peoples? hehehe I sOoOo don't really know what to write now... LOL to everyone I talked to last night....sorry I was in such a bad mood. Anyhoo, I'm not up to much right now, just rearranging my room a lil hehe I have soo many cds..its crazy! Oh yea, I thought of another movie...its called Carnival hehe Once I start writing more of it, I'll let you gets know more lol Anyhoo, I am off to check my email, I will probably post again tonight if there is something worth posting lol So stay kewl and ttyl..
xoxo Nickkkkky xoxo

April 24th, 2003
Ok, I am sitting here eating Chunky Monkey ice cream...omg that stuff is so good..its godly...its like banana ice cream with chocolate chunks and walnuts. But i have to take out the walnuts..and I dont really like the chocolate chunks lol just the banana ice cream....anyyyhoo, it snowed today like barely for a lil hehe Oh yea, I amd going to be in a recital YAY ME! lol I'm doing the song Dancing Queen with a group and like a lildance routine hehe then I will be singing God Help the Outcasts from the Hunchback of Notre Dame so all of you guys should come see me hehe o yea, I just cut my hair...its pretty good short I miss it long tho lol I'll take sum new piccyz as for now I think I am going to go watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding hehe so ttyl...stay kewl and sweetdreams!
xoxo me xoxo
April 22nd, 2003
Heyyy its me lol just wanted to say hi..I'm going to bed in a min cuz its like 2:05am and I'm gettin sleepie lol Well, maybe I will finish watching Sweet Home Alabama first! Anyhoo, I got a really kewl cd today..Stacie Orrico. She is pretty good..I like the first song Stuck hehe Anyhoo, I will update more tommorrow...Sweetdreams and stay kewl!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

April 20th, 2003 !!!!HaPpY EaStEr!!!!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

April 19th, 2003
Whhhaaaaasssup? hehe I am reallie bored and its like 2:15am...I think I might go watch Halloween again lol Anyhoo, as for my day, I spent like $70 on Easter stuff...I really don't know why I would spend that much on candy. While we are on the subject of candy, did you know they make Easter candy corn?!? Seriously, thats just over doing it. My cousin gave me this thing of freakin easter candy corn its like all easter colors but eww its just not right...thats like making m&ms black lol its wrong! it should be the original thing. lol ummmmm but yea...oOoOo I saw Anger Management LOL it was weird...verrrrrry weird lol but funny too! Wow, I just like totally spaced out there for a min...ummmm I think I should go LOL I'm off to bed...well I'm going to watch Halloween first. You know what? I want to be in a horror movie...thatd be so much fun. I would want to be the killer though...wait no it might be fun to die off in the first part lol HA! Wait till u see my movie...The Tree Man hahahahahahaha hehe cant give any details lol so yea..I'm going....goodnight everyone, sweetdreams, stay kewl!
xoxo me xoxo

April 17th, 2003
Wow, lol I was piiiiiisssy yesterday hehe o wellz everyone gets pissy once in awhile LOL Yea..so I'm starting to plan what I'm going to do this summer and hehe its gonna be wicked. YAY I am going to go see Dalina hehehe and then Cali...EB LOL yup yup sooo much fun. As I'm talking to someone now..LOL (no names here) I realize that this kid is a total ass lol ahh so hard to find true good friends lol Anyhoo, I am heading out so stay kewlies!!! :)~
xoxo nicky xoxo

April 16th, 2003
I'm in a fucking bad mood right now...I dont want to go into details..just in a bad fucking mood. so leave me alone and I'll post later...

April 14th, 2003
66 Days till my b-day! LOL yay me!!! Its beaaautiful out today almost hot enough to lay out and get a tan. hehe Anyhoo, today I went to 2 malls lol so much fun...I got the cuttttest black purse lol and all this other junk. I'm slowly getting ready for Easter..I bought like 50 of those plastic egg things you fill with candy Eeeekk I still have to get more stuff for it but o wellz. I am off to go get ready to go out so I will talk to you guys later! Stay kewlies!
xoxo me xoxo

April 11th, 2003
its 2:33 am I am so freaking tired.....just wanted to say hey thats all...so sweetdreams and stay kewl!!!

April 10th, 2003
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat...I dunno why the hell I am up this early..its only 9:20am lol which is like way too early for me. LOL ahh me sooo tired lol Well, I am going to go get ready for the day or something like that so talk to you guys later! Stay kewl!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

April 9th, 2003
Hey! I just wanted to let you guys know I updated like a million pages and added a lot more pics so check around hehe..stay kewl!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

April 8th, 2003
Hey loltheres my jounrel sory its hard to read sum of it...it got cut off :)~

April 5th, 2003
Yea...so I am just sitting here drinking my strawberry milkshake being bored...o what fun! lol I am sOoOoOo extremly bored now...I just came back a lil bit ago from the movies..I saw Bringing Down the House...hehe it reminded me of "Phantom Poet"LOL A-dawg...fo shizzle my nizzle lol anyhoo, it was pretty funny...ok peoples I need to go do something so ttyl!
Stay kewl!
xoxo Niccccccccccccccccccccccccccccky xoxo

April 4th, 2003
Supppp peoples? You know what? I realized that people actually read this thing...thats totally awesome! hehe yay I feel so special. Anyhoo, I'm not up to much juz chillin like a villan lol yea..I could go on with that but I just wont. OoOo I got some requests here from people that want to be mentioned.. lol so hey u guys lol u know who u are! hehe I think I will just make a shoutout page. oOo Btw..if u want new pics of me ask me cuz I probably wont be putting them on this site. OOO and I want to mention my friend PhAnToM PoEt...check out his site at: http://www.angelfire.com/nb2/phantompoet It will be updated more soon and hopefully will have some music and pics hehe But yea, he is an awesome singer so you should deff check him out when his music comes out! Ok, enough advertising here LOL Ummm but yea..I think I'm going to take pics of my room and stuff just to show u guys. As for today, I went shopping a lil while ago and got this totally awesome table cover its like orange fuzz..ha you just have to see it! I also bought a cd too..Lucy Woodward shes pretty good I love that Dumb Girls song hehe so deff go and pick up her cd! Right now I have been stuck listening to Simple Plan..lol they are awesome I dont care what any one of u says lol And YAY I am going to go see them at the Avril Concert in May so I will take pllllenty of piccys! Well I think I am going to go do something...so I will be back later tonight to talk more! Stay kewl!
xoxo Nicky xoxo

April 1st, 2003 Wow, its April already...ha this year is going by so fast! And whyyyyyyyyyyyyy the hell is it snowing? Its not suppossed to snow in April...it was like all sunny and hot and now this? blahhhhh Anyhoo sup? I am just bored I thought I would post on here...lol I feel like I'm getting sick again..I was actually getting better too o wellz...Well, I am going to go so ttyl and stay kewl!
xoxo Nickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky xoxo