February 1st, 2004 11:39pm
Well, at least we know Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson arent the same person now. During the Halftime preformance when Janet and Justin Timberlake were dancing, Justin tore off Janet's shirt fully exposing her breast!! It wasnt supposed to happen...they just had a fuckup with the clothes. I winder how many people caught it? lol You could see it for like a few seconds then the went away....fun fun...poor lil kids! lol......need to go...sleep......stay kewlies and sweetdreams!!!
xOxO Nicky XoXo

January 31st, 2004 7:40pm
:( I feeeeeeelllllllllllll sickkkkkk! :( BTW, Heres my opinion on Michael Jackson. I think hes a fucking stooge! I don't know him personally...(not like I really want to know that thing) So its hard to judge him on the shit you hear. (Since people like to make things more interesting) Hes fucking weird I admit that. BUTTTT, WHY the fuckkkk would those kids parents let their kids stay overnight at his fucking neverland joint? I mean how fucking stupid is that? You are letting your fucking kid sleep in the same bed as a 40 whatever year old guy? C'mon. Would you go to someone you dont fucking know and be like hey u sound nice and ur famous my kid can sleep over you house and have a good time? NO! NO NO and NO!!!! No parent should let their kid stay at some old guys house..what a bunch of shitheads! Who knows what the fuck happendwith michael and that kid. Maybe he is a really big perverted freak like everyone says. But, maybe not, maybe the parents think they can get away with it cuz he has money. Who knows. Yes, so my rant for the week! hehe ttyl!!! stay kewlllies!!! :)
xOxO Nicky XoXo

January 29th, 2004 10:56pm
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT: I have now added a STORE to my site hehe $2 from every order is going to be going to a local animal shelter. (This project of mine is called the Gopher Project website coming soon! And yes, I will have recipets to prove to you that the money is going towards that) I know some of the prices arent the greatest, but hey, if you have the extra cash, it would be awesome! Thank you so much!
XoXo Nicky xOxO

January 29th, 2004
Thanks to Carrie, (my sis) My pictures (well what I have left of them) are back up on my site. hahahahaha I'm starting to feel somewhat better. I actually went outside yesterday to hangout with SaM for a bit and it was freezing. Then I fixed up my fish tank. I sooo want to get more fish for it! And yea, today I did nothing but lay in bed. So, I am off...ttyl and stay kewlies!!!
xOxO Nicky XoXo

January 28th, 2004 9:02pm
Ok, BTW, that song I put in about the duck fucking goes to the tune of row row row your boat...
xoxo nicky xoxo

January 28th, 2004 10:43AM
Yup! You guessed it! Still sick :( I dont think I'm as bad I as I was tho...just sucks when I talk cuz my voice sounds like I'm dying. fuck fuck fuck a duck screw a kangaroo 69 a porcupine damn I love the zoo! hehe SaM
xOxO Nick XoXo

January 25th, 2004 10:08pm
Yay so once again I feel like shit.....I HATTTTE being sick :(....

January 24th, 2004 3:41pm
Well, I am updating my site slowly. I got home not too long ago...had lovely work this morning. This one kid is so fucking retarded. There were these plastic pipes.. and the kid stuck his finger in it after told not to and got it stuck LOL it took him 5 min to pull it out...my dad said dont do it again...so the kid does it again and its stuck on there for 10 mins cuz my dad said you got it stuck so you can take it off LMAO That was the days highlight! After that went to a craft store...all Christmas junk was 90% off so yay got christmas stuff for next yr and Im pretty much done! After that, stopped at my grandmas...fun fun. And now I am here...just updated some quotes on my site. Feeling sick....dying......LOL Yea so I might post later, who the hell knows...stay kewlies!!!
xOxO Nicky XoXo

January 24th, 2004 12:42am
I did feel like posting a nice lil post a second ago..but now that I think about it FUCK IT. Fuck being nice. I'm all fucking sweet to one of my friends and what do I get? Well, you know who you are, don't play fucking stupid with me. You are sooo going to wish you never posted my pics anywhere. And btw, STOP asking for new pics. Do you reallllllllly think I am that fucking blind? To everyone else, I am sorry about this mess. I am sorry that I wont be posting pics. Beacuse I actually liked putting up pictures, to show you whats going on and stuff. Anyway, I am off to bed cuz I feel like shit....ttyl stay kewlies!!!
xOxO nicky XoXo

January 22nd, 2004 10:16pm
Well yay today sucks. I woke up sick...I don't know why, I thought I would be better but noooo. I went to my interview at 1:30...and honestly I have no fucking clue if I will get that job or not. Hopefully. I have been in and out of bed all day trying to get better. I feel like SHIIIITTTT! There is so much I want to do....but I just can't cuz I feel like this. BLAHHHHH. Yea, anyway, got some new pics in the gallery. My hair is starting to bother me....I miss it long. Updated a few songs and stuff...so take a look. As for now, I am off to bed...I neeeeeeed sleep! Sweetdreams and stay kewlies!!!
xOxO Nicky XoXo

January 20th, 2004 1:11pm
Supppp? Ok, so I added ONE new pic to my gallery lol More to come..either tonight or whatever. Anyways, I can't believe people actaully read this...thats sooo kewl getting all this feedback! Please email me and tell me anything you want to see on this site, I will see what I can do. I want to start a RANT page. So, I would love for you guys to suggest some topics! I will probably add a form soon that you can just fill out and it will send automatically! So please, let me know hehe
XoXo Nicky xOxO

Jaunary 18th, 2004 8:03 pm
Hello There. I'm sick and it sux. on Sat, I woke up feeling really sick....got up at 7 something got dressed...went outside..puked all over my driveway..then went to work with my dad lol OMG i almost died during that between the kids pissing me off and me bein sick ahhhh. I got home, puked some more, then went to PA for the Cabin Fever Expo. (boat thing) it was like a 4 hr ride...slept the whole way...went to dinner...lol yay and all i had was jelllo. I love jello. I went to bed at like 9pm...woke up at 8am today....then just hungout at the boat thing..came home and here I am. I'm still sick...my head feels all fucked up and every once in awhile I get bad headaches....but yea...Hope you guys had a great weekend! lol Stay kewlies!!! :o)
xOxO Nicky XoXo

January 16th, 2004 3:40pm
Finally, I am home! Alirght, about my trip. Sunday, I got to go to disney, monday was the movie primiere. I walked the RED CARPET!!! lol I was sooo nervous lol just getting on it....but then started smiling at people LOL and they took my pics...NORMAL people tooke MYYYY pictures! lol wtf?!?! Anyhoo, got in and got free soda, popcorn, whatever lol We got to sit right in the front. I was sitting there talking to my mom and Frankie muniz walked by LOL I'm like muust gooo seeee frankkkkiie! So, I got up walked by him, walked by him again brushed up against him LOL then sat down then he was sitting! His wife..carla from cheers LOL and Brad Pitt!!! So we all went to the after party....and Russel Crowe...I dont know what the fuck he was doing there....was like 5 people in front of me walking there. LOL We got in and free drinks at the bar!!! So I had 3 screwdrivers and omg...let me tell u I wonnnt be drinking for awhile! I deff got a lil tipsy! hehehehe So they were playing salsa music the whole time and I deff need a drink to enjoy that kind of music LOL soup soup soup! olaaaaaa!!! LOL Anyway, I sat down and Kirk douglas walked by LOL I was like omG!! Cuz I mean seriously, hes an olllld actor! All in all an awesome time! Oh, BTW, it was a cute movie... Along Came Polly!!! Anyhoo other than that I enjoyed the 80 degree weather, got a henna tattoo on my hand of a dolphin in a moon with the sun, layed on the beach...did TONS of shopping and followed Nick Carter 3 blocks!!! I didnt have my fucking camera so no piccys of him :( And they wouldnt allow pics at the primiere :( But, I took alot of other piccys that I will be posting hopefully this week sometime! The flight home sucked...there were about 30 mexicans on our plane....and for you guys that know me...you know how I feel about Mexicans. LMAO Srry, I dont want to sound toooo racist. LOL Anyway they were alll fucking sick and started coughing so I was like breathing thru my sweatshirt going insane trying not to get contaminated. lol Then there was a looot of wind at the end so a verrry bumpy ride which made me feel sick... And one of the brownies decided to throw up!! Which was sooo disgusting..its like cant u fucking wait or at least use the bathroom! lol Yea so we got off and the lost one of my moms suitcases!!!! I was fucking realllllly pissed...still am cuz some of my stuff is in there!!! Anyhoo, thats my trip..happy to be home! So I will keep u updated...stay kewlies!!
XoXo Nicky xOxO

January 12th, 2004 10:57pm...(1:58am est)
Hey, I'm updating to you from Cali. woohoo. Ok so yea, the plane ride I was sound asleep....Although I did watch some of Beauty and the Beast. So at the airport the people were rude getting luggage as usual. So I got really pissy back at them since I havnt had much sleep and I hatte rude people!!! Yea, anyway, I went to Disney with my mom and I had tonnnns of fun. Like always..I went on a few rides....got to see the Aladdin play...and OMG Goofy gave me a kiss. Thats the highlight! lol Anyway, I am going to go so I will update tommorrow or something...stay kewlies and sweetdreams!!!
XoXo Nicky xOxO

January 09th, 2004 6:08pm
Ok, I have headache. A massive freakin headache. To top it off I burnt my finger. My nail went on fire... and now its all black and gross...and in pain. This sux. SUCKSSSSS!!!! bAhHhHh whyyy me?!?! I havent packed yet. I was going to b4 but instead fucked up my finger. YAY me! No more lighters...for a verrrrry very verrrrrry long time! No more nail polish either. Alright, I'm done with my rant for today. You know what? I hattte when people say AIGHT! I hate it. Absolutly hate it. Its like yea aight...fuckers can you try to be any moooore black? No offense to black peeps. But its like do u seriously think its kewl to say that? You sound like FREAKS!!! I'm done...stay kewlies!!! ;o)~
XoXo Nicky xOxO

January 9th, 2004 1:23am
I am fucking tired. I neeed sleep. I got my hair cut yesterday! I havent had it cut by a professional since 7th grade...Beacuse I totally do not trust what those hairstylers do! And seriously I dont know what the fuck went through my head at the time to get it done...she made is a looot shorter than I wanted it. Its the stortest its evver been...way abouve my chin! So yay I have to use tonnns of gel and hairspray to give it that "messy look" which looks good. If I didnt gel it up...I'd deff. look like a freak. Today was an awesome day..hungout with *dOrK* and went to TGI Fridays....Their oreo madness thing there is amazing! Amazing I tell you! Anyhoo, I leave for cali this sunday!!! IT really should be awesome...Sunday, I will be in disney. Then Monday is the movie premire!!! I am sooo excited! I get to walk the red carpet. Then after the movie...the afffffter party hahaha drunk celebs hehe So yes, tons of pictures WILL most DEFF me taken!! As of now, I need sleep before I pass out..so ttyl sweetdreams and stay kewlies!!! :o)~
xOxO Nicky XoXo

January 5th, 2004 1:45am
Iím addicted to you...Donít you know that youíre toxic...And I love what you do...Donít you know that youíre toxic----OMG! I am sleepy...Wanted to say Sweetdreams to everyone! Stay kewlies!!! ;o)~
xoxo nick xoxo

January 4th, 2004 1:51pm
Hellllo! Just thought I'd stop in to say hi. hehe Its raining out.....and that sux. I like the rain but not when I want to go outside lol Anyhoo, I havent been doing much lately. I got MORE fishys yesterday LOL I got this aweeesome shark named Jaws...hes pretty big, a plucko named Roofus...and 3 lil fishy I duno their names. lol I go to Cali next Sunday...I'm kind of excited since I get to go to a movie premire. Should be fun! Anyhoo, I am going to start working on a movie script..another one of my horror movies hehehe So I will keep ya posted...stay kewlies!!!
xOxO Nicky XoXo

January 02, 2004 11:42pm
Happy New Year my fine freaky friends! Whats up? Just thought I would post since I havent in a few days. I'm updating a looot of stuff, so check out the gallery, quotes, links, whats new, and everything throughout the next week. Until then, I hope you guys had an awesome New Year's eve, and of course had a drink...or two ;) for me! I am looking foward to this year...it should be one of the best years yet.....Stay kewlies!!!
xOxO Nicky XoXo