December 31st, 2002
!!!HaPpY NeW yEaRs!!! :) Stay kewl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

December 27th, 2002
WHats up? AhHHh its like 2am lol I have been soooo busy in the last few days with Christmas and even snowed on christmas this year :) I got so many kewl gifts..and like a million movies to watch lol That made it sOoOo much better! oOoOOo BtW I got Good Charlotte's new cd and wow its reallie good lol I will be posting sum pics of me from Christmas soon ;) As for this weekend, maybe I will go I better get sum sleep b4 I start talking about the purple hippo with pink and yellow pajamas but Anyhoo, I hope everyone has an awesum New Years!! Stay Kewl and SwEeTdReAmz!!! XoXo Buttercup xOXo

December 22nd, 2002
Hey! oOo I haven't posted in awhile lolz Im sowwies!! I haven't been doing much lately..just getting ready for Christmas...its only like 3 days away! I sOoOo can't wait lol Anyhoo, I just wanted to wish all of you a very happy and safe holiday :) oOoO And a Happy New Year too!!!! ~*~Hugz and kissez~*~
XoXo Nicky XoXo

December 14th, 2002
Wow, I juz woke up from an amazing night! lol I went to Q102's (radio staions) concert and wow it was great...Nick Carter, O-Town, Nelly, Eve, Kelly Osbourne, DJ Sammy and a whole bunch of other peeps preformed.....and I got to actually meet Kelly Osbourne lol wow....she is soooooo nice in person! She autographed my cd :) lol She is great singer (live) Thank u Kelly!!! And I got to get my O-town cd autographed! yyyyeaaa! WHat a great night! As for today, I have to go to work in about 5 mins (sat. skewl) and then for the rest of the day I am doing for tonight...babysitting ahhh it sux but what can ya do! Well my friends, I must be off once again so stay kewl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

December 3rd, 2002
Once again it is that time of year....soooo much shopping! lolz How was everyones Thanksgiving? Mine was ok....I hate thanksgiving lol and I hate freakin turkey..but o wellz..what can ya was nice being with family :) Lately, I have been shopping for presents lol its crazy...Hopefully this weekend I will be able to see OoMpA LoOmPa LOL This month is going to be a crazy one! I start teaching (well assistant teaching LOLz)next Saturday for 8 weeks! (Luckily its only on Saturdays) And Then I am planning a Holiday Party or maybe even a New Year's wanna come? I think I'm going to dye the ends of my hair red again LOL who will have to wait and see until I get new pics up ;) Well, have a wonderfull weekend and Stay kewl!!!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

~*~*~*~*~*~NOVEMBER 2002~*~*~*~*~*~

November 27th, 2002
Sup? oOoOopps I havent posted in awhile...but its ok cuz I have been soooo busy...Last weekend I got to go see Nate :) AhHhHh it was sOoOo mUcH fUn! You are SoOoOo amazing :) I can't wait to see you again! I got 4 new cds...O2-O-town, This is me..then-Jennifer Lopez, Shut up!-kelly Osbourne and the new Sum 41 one LOL I forget the name but anyhoo, There are like only 2 good songs on the O-town one, I havent really listened to the Jennifer Lopez one yet...Sum 41 is pretty good and Kelly Osbourne's cd was awesome....Her song Shut Up! does'nt sound that great but the rest of the songs deff. do! oOoOo It might even snow tonight and tommorrow I can't I can take out my snowboard and go snowboarding wooohooo! lol Nate, you have to go with me sumtime! ;) EwWwWw its Thanksgiving in like 2 days..aHhHh I hate turkey LOLz I will deffinately post some pics up of me soon though :) Well, I probably will post again on Friday to tell you all about my Thanksgiving lol ahhh prob nothing exciting to tell but who knows.... I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Stay Kewl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

November 20th, 2002
Hey! How is everyone? Me you ask? I am grrrrrreat! Anyhoo, I haven't really been up to much just getting ready for the holidays ahhh what fun! I got like 70% or my x-mas shopping done hahaha the rest I will save for the day after thanksgiving when everyone goes crazy. My lovely Christmas tree is already up well the one in my room has no lights and junk on it yet tho...I'll post sum pics of my room tonight...yea I know...craziness ahh but who cares?....right???? lol omg I am sooo rambling on about who knows what.... so I will go and update the song and pics and stuff like that so...Stay kewl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

November 13th, 2002
SSSSSSSSSSSup?? I juz got back from, it was sOoOoOo much fun...maybe I will put up sum pics of it ;) Ok, well lemme tell u bout it lolz...I went to disney like most of the time...ahh so much fun..I went on tons of rides lol OOoOoOo and I saw mickey mouse lolz! I also went and saw Tuxedo..I almost fell asleep tho cuz it was late and I'm not a big jackie chan fan lol and I saw 8 Mile with Eminem...which was good but since there was no ending to it it made it suck lolz.. Anyhoo, I saw Kelly Osbourne at the airport lol I almost died......LOL omg! I saw Erik von Detten...seriously I did lol no joke..I took pics to prove it lol So yea, it was tons of fun. E.B~That was sooooo funny when u stuffed the pillow in the microwave lolz ahhhh good times lol See u in feb....ahh can't wait! Well I must go, I will add more l8er...stay kewl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

November 6th, 2002
Heyy! whats up? nm here....about to go to Starbucks in a lil..can't wait! lol You deff. have to try the Starbucks ice its sOoOoOo yummy lolz Anyhoo, I'm gettin ready to go to Cali..woohoo I leave on friday!! lol I haope you guys have an awesum weekend...stay kewl!!! ;)~
XoXo Nicky XoXO

November 2nd, 2002
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssup? How was everyone's Halloween?? lolz Mine was awesum! I went trick or treatin ;) Hershey Park was awesum..I got to ride sum rollercoasters! ANyhoo, I am off to Cali this friday..I sOoOoOoOoOo can't wait!! Well, I gtg I'll update more l8er! Love ya!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

~*~*~*~*~OCTOBER 2002~*~*~*~*~*~
October 25th, 2002
Heyyyy! lolz I juz got back from NyC lol omg what an experience...I went to the Seventeen Magazine's Star Showcase...oOo lots of dancing goin on...they had like these 2 dudes, this one dude daniel sumthin, b2k, dream, p.diddy (dream and p.diddy didnt preform) LOL and Mariah Carey....boy, Mariah Carey is such a b***h! They played her F****ng video which she juz sat backstage then she came out to say hi and that was it. She was suppossed to sing..o wellz oOo Then Kelly from Destiny's Child came on too. Anyhoo, it was pretty crazy! Tommorrow I am off to Hershey Park..should be fun I can't wait to ride sum rollercoasters...Well, I hope you all have a great night..I will talk to you l8er! Sweetdreams and stay kewl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

October 24th, 2002
OoOopPs I haven't posted in like forever! lolz I hope you guys are doing great...Nothing too exciting has been goin on...juz the usual :) I can't wait 4 tommorrow to go to NyC! hahaha Should be fun. I looked around last week at some Cosmotology its looks fun lol Anyhoo, I think I'm going to start in Sept. and do only the skin care course...I'm really leaning towards putting makeup on dead people ;)Yeaaa! Its allmost fav. holiday and I still don't know what I want to soon as I find out I'll let ya know and put a piccy up lolz Well once again I must go..I have to go get ready to go out so I will ttyl! StAy KeWl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

October 13th, 2002
Hey ;) Whats everybody up to? OoOo not much here juz sippin my hot apple cider lol ahhhh its soooo good...better than Starbucks ;) Anyhoo, I haven't been up to much cuz I got a reallie bad cold its sux..I'll prob juz go back to sleep in a lil bit lol I juz wanted to say hi and I hope you guys are doing great!
Stay kewl ;)~
XoXo Nicky XoXo

October 8th, 2002
Whaaaassssssup? oOo not much here...I just got back home from the store..I bought Jennifer Love Hewitt's cd: Barenaked. Its actually pretty good. ;)In sum of the songs she sounds exactly like P!nk its scary...o wellz. Anyhoo, I haven't really been up to much just hanging out with friends and shopping! lol I spent like 2-2 1/2 juz shopping on the net today ooo good times :) I'm going to Hershey, PA like the end of the month..I totally can't wait cuz I luv their rides lol then like 2 weeks l8er I get to go to Cali wooohooo! Itz gonna be kewl. I hope all of you guys are doing great :) Stay kewl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

October 3rd, 2002
Happy Birthday EvD!! mUuUuUuAaAaHhHh!! lol Anyhoo I hope you guys have a great weekend! ;) ttyl
Stay KeWl
XoXo Nicky XoXo

October 2nd, 2002<.b>
Happy October!! LOL Hows everyone doin? Me? I'm greeeaaat LOL This month is gonna be awesum..Lets see..Tommorrow is Erik von Detten's Birthday!! lol Ahhh I am NOT obsessed lol ;) (ooo I'm also making an AJ Trauth site lol) Wooohoo I'm getting ready to go to Cali lol I know, is early, but I reallie can't wait! It should be lots of fun! oOo I'm also gettin ready for Halloween lol :) Well my friends, once again I must go so I will talk to you soon as for now, stay kewl! ;)
XoXo Nicky XoXo
LoLz Shoutout to Mark!! lol

~*~*~*~*~*~SEPTEMBER 2002~*~*~*~*~*~*~

September 29th, 2002
Whhhaaaasssssssup? LOL I juz noticed that the counter thing is at 666 lol anyyyhooo...I havent been up 2 much...gettin ready for Halloween lol sort of. And just hanging out with friends and having a good time lol ...I hope you guys are keepin kewl...I gots 2 go so I'll post more l8er!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

September 25th, 2002
Hey I juz wanted to say hi for now, I hope you guys r all doin great :) Stay kewl! (I'll post more l8er)
XoXo Nicky XoXo

September ??18th??, 2002
SuP everybody? This is gonna be short cuz me=very sleepy lol...its like 2am I think..ANyhoo I juz wanted to say hi and I hope that everyone has a grooovy weekend! lol TtYl!
!!!Stay kewl and Sweetdreams!!!
XoXo Sket XoXo

sEpTeMbEr 17th, 2002
Whaaaassssuuuup? oOo not much here :) LoL OoOps I havent posted in 10 o Wellz..anyhoo..lately I have been doin sOo many things...hahaha espec. shoppin ;)I've been workin on my room I'm gonna have in my basement..its gonna be awesum! Theres gonna be like one corner full of just pillows..and murals on each wall...hahaha you gotta see it! Also, I've been planning to make this lil movie thing (haha its crazy!) ....and playin more basketball lol I saw Austin Powers aggggain it wasnt as funny as the first time tho. I really want to see Swimfan..I'll tell ya how it was after I go see it this week :) Well my friends I must go cuz I am soooo tired :) Stay kewl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

September 7th, 2002
Heyyy! Sup? I am in suchhh a good mood 2day :)Lets see....on thursday, I went to my gradmas for her birthday lol Yea I know, a lot of fun..right? On Friday, I just stayed around and hungout with a friend for a lil...and today, well, I went out for lunch and my step-grandma gave me a hugggge thing of candy! :) Want sum?? lol And then I went shopping! Other than that, I am juz talking to you fine people :) Once again, I am off to bed. Talk to ya later and stay kewl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

September 4th, 2002
It was a dark night, the skys were clear, all you can see is million of stars, there was silence, except a cricket chirping off in the distance...and then, out of nowhere an IM popped up..and it was Steve! OoOo dude!!!! LOL Wow, September is finally here!! The summer went by soOoOo fast...its almost Halloween LOL srry, I juz luuuv it!I'm deff goin trick-or-treatin LOL I know, I am suchhhh a dork! Anyhoo, I havent been up to much just a lot of usual lol srry theres not too much to update you on! lol Well my friends, once more I am off to bed..ttyl!!
!!!SwEeT dReAmS!!!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

~*~*~*~*~*~AUGUST 02~*~*~*~*~*~

August 30th, 2002
Sup? lol Anyhoo, I went to Maryland for the past few was reallie nice we went to Ocean City...ahhh I wish I could have stayed longer The water was soooo nice and there was sooo much shopping! lol It reminded me of Cali a lil. I deff. want to go back maybe next summer! Anyhoo, I hope you all have a awesum weekend and I'll be updating you soon! For now, I am off to bed!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

August 24th, 2002
Suuuup? I just got back from Vermont...oOo it was fun lol Well...sort of. We went to this lake and wow, it is so beautiful. I got sunburn sooo bad tho on my shoulders lol Last night, we went to this like fair/carnival thing they had going on there lol..what an experience. You just had to have been there to see what I mean. I realized that like 90 percent of the dudes there are punk...Anyhoo, LOL This week coming up is like my last week of I am going to be busy. I think I'm going down the shore one day and then my friend and I are going to sleep outside LOL in a tent wooohoooooo! Can't wait! Well, I gtg unpack some of my stuff...I will update you l8er :) Stay kewl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

August 19th, 2002
Heyyy :) lol Its only been like 3 days since I haven't updated..and still nothing much is going on. Lets see...Saturday I just did nothing..I know its horrible. Yesterday I did nothing too lol..Well, today I got to talk to you guys...Then I went swimming! woohooo! And I went to Toys R Us LOL and I got 2 playstaion 2 games...Twisted Metal:black and SpongeBob Squarepants...ok..ahh I am suchh a dork lol Anyhoo, I must go...I will be back again tommorrow but until then...
XoXo Nicky XoXo
Stay kewl and keep smilin :)

August 16th, 2002
:) I am in suchhh a good mood right was just so relaxing. First, I went to was the last day! It was actually kind of sad to say bye to some of the kids and a few of the people I worked with. But anyhoo, after work I went in my lil pool and trrrrriiied to get more tan lol ahhh it was soo hott out! I also got to go see the play Hello Dolly! cuz some people I know were in it and it was soooo good! Well now..I am a lil tired and I'm juz sittin here talking to some of you fine people :) Tommorrow should be fun even thogh I have nothing to is offically my first day of summer!!! LOL no work...juz play :) I'm gonna go check sum email so I will talk to ya later!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

August 15th, 2002
Heyyyy! lol Three days have gone by and nothing really has been going on....hmmm..lets see...
Today I went to work and did nothing cuz I feel like soooo sick..I think I have the flu or sumthin :( Yesterday, I went to this party dinner thing for was interesting..ahh good times :) (Only 2 days left till its over!! Wooohooo!) OoOo I went over to my friend Michelle's house and we hungout in her pool for awhile. It was sooooo freeezing lol Even though it was like 90 degrees outside. That bascially was it besides work...oOoOo on Friday, I mighht go see Austin Powers 3 again! lol I dunno yet though. lol I was just going to type sumthin now I forgot..and I bet it was going to be interesting too..oh well when I think about it I'll let ya know...
Well guys, I am done for now, stay kewl :)
XoXo Nicky XoXo

August 12th, 2002 :) Sup? OoOo nuttin much here juz bein lazy lol I saw the movie Signs, it was reallie good. It was jumpy but it was funny got to see it! Today was back to normal...I had work..but Friday is my last day!! I am sooo counting down! It was like 100* today the weather is soo crazy! I think I might go play sum basketball later..AhHhHh I have to go mess with my room some more..I'll be back to update more later on tonight....stay kewl :) XoXo Nicky XoXo

August 10th, 2002
Heeeeeeyyy! Well, there reallie isn't too much happening...juz the same stuff as always. Finally, its the weekend! I got to sleep till like 12 today! Wooohoo! oOoOo its only like 7 so I am going to get off this thing and actually go do sumthin lol I'll post more for 2day later on tonight! So talk to ya later alligator! Ok..its 11pm..I am back! lol Well, I didn't reallie do too much lol I watched The Real World lost episode movie thing..some of the actors really sucked...but it was so cute they way that punk dude got together with that girl! lol Anyhoo..lets see what else I welll....actually, I didnt do anything else besides dance and sing to sum music LOL ooo what a sight to see! I so better get going...and check my email on my webtv. I havent done that in like a week. So I will talk to you guys later! SwEeTdReAmZ!!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

August 8th, 2002
Wow! I didn't think this would turn into an everyday thing..but hey whos complaining..right? You guys get to read bout me wooohooooo! Well, today at work was finally normal..only 6 days left! lol Sorry for the boring entry today lol I am sooo out of it! I need STARBUCKS!!! Well, I am off to bed or something like that so I will you keep ya posted!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

August 7th, 2002
Hey guys! Suuuuuup? Nothing much is really going on here I juz wanted to post something! Anyhoo..lets see...Work was soooo crazy today! Ahhh It was like a hundred whatever kids dancing around to horrible music (cuz they had this "beach" party thingy goin on)OoOo what a headache! Its all good now tho cuz I can just relax...OoOoOo I cut my hair today (well not really its still reallie long) You guys have got to see it! When I eventually get my scanner hooked up I'll put up a piccy! Well my friends, I must go and watch American Idol..I will be back l8er! Stay kewl!
XoXo Nicky XoXo

August 5th, 2002
WeLcOmE To My WoRlD! hahahahaha
LOL ok, that was gay but whatever! How is everyone on this fine day? OMG! This site is actually up! Finally it sure took long enough! Wooohooo! Anyhoo, not too much is happening..I went to NYC on Sunday for my dads boat thing and oooo it was sooo boring! Well, that part of it was, the shopping on the other hand was awesum! So much stuff, so little time! The worst part of it all was the traffic coming home. We were stuck for like 2 hours on this lil street will all these traffic lights tryin to get to the tunnel. Oh well. I got to go see Austin Powers 3! That was soooo good and soo funny! You should deffinately go see it! OoOoOo well I better shut up now and go so I can finish the rest of the site! So I'll talk to you later!
XoXo Nicky XoXo