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Jody Davis

Birthday:September 26, 1967
Coffee connoisseur
Loves motorcycles
Once fell asleep in Home Ec. and woke to the sound of
the fire alarm. His Home Ec book was burning on the stove
Favorite verse: Romans 5
Favorite Bible story: Jesus with the woman at the well

Jeff Frankenstein

Birthday: July 26, 1974

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Youngest member of the band
Was on the dean's list at Wayne State University
Played his first concert for 4,000 people only a few
hours after his audition for the Newsboys

Peter Furler

Birthday: September 8, 1971

Hometown: Australia
Can't wait for days off to go bike riding and camping
Likes toys and electronic gadgets
John once sold Peter's clothes to a friend as a prank
Favorite Bible story: Joseph
Favorite verse: Psalm 139

Phil Joel (Urry)

Birthday: January 5, 1973

Hometown: New Zealand
The verse Phil writes with his autograph is Micah
6:8, (look it up)
Is a former hairdresser
Can often be found with John (this dates my
info....John was the lead singer, but left the
band after the Take Me To Your Leader cd) in the
crowd before a show handing out vegamite (an
AWESOME DELICIOUS Australian food)

Duncan Phillips

Birthday: March 3, 1964

Hometown: Australia
Claims to be a people person
Has been dubbed the "Chief Fire Starter" when camping
Very organized-he actually washes his whites with
his whites!
Favorite Bible Story-Jonah and the whale

And here's a bonus for you . . . some info on the band's former lead singer.

John James

Hometown: Australia
Is still in touch with his inner child
He'll make you laugh one minute, then hit you with a
scripture or bit of wisdom the next
Favorite Bible verse: Romans 12
Is a Trekkie

Have any other info on da 'Boyz? Send it to me