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updated  5/03/2011

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Members' Page

If you have pics, please let me know.  Send them to, preferably in jpg form. At this time, we have the space to post any and all snaps to this site. As we fill up our 20MB of space, I may have to delete older pics.  I will split the pics up onto different pages, as the need arises. Thanks to all.

ralph 1.jpg (49837 bytes)ralph 2.jpg (44697 bytes)

This Bee Meet was held at Ralph Rolson's place. Ralph is showing us a treatment for mites using food grade mineral oil, vinegar, and a propane fogger.


Steveat arts.jpg (443287 bytes)

Hey, guys! Is that how you work honeybees?
I know that's Steve Boone, and was told that the seated person is Warren Fussner. The third person in the pic is John McGoven

1 buckeye-bell brood pattern.jpg (373345 bytes) 2 __hr_Russian Queen pattern.jpg (389846 bytes) 3 __hr_Frame after I drop it.jpg (365343 bytes)4 unsealed honey.jpg (360786 bytes) 5 sealed honey.jpg (250248 bytes) 6 queen.jpg (207823 bytes) 7 Kevshelpers.JPG (329184 bytes) 8clearedframe2.jpg (166771 bytes)


Kevin Allen, of Lowell, Ohio, has sent us more pics of his bees. Thanks Kevin!
1) Brood pattern of his Buckeye Belle queen
2) Brood pattern of his Russian queen
3) Russian brood frame cleared off a bit
4) Unsealed honey
5) Sealed honey
6) Can you find the queen in picture 6? Click here to see    her
7) Kevin's little helpers. 
8) Are your bees trying to tell you something, Kevin?

wrongdeep.JPG (524588 bytes)  wrongdeep2.JPG (501904 bytes)

 Who said that you can't stretch a shallow frame into a deep frame?  The bees have done an excellent job!


buckwheatfield.jpg (81231 bytes) buckwheatfield2.jpg (73899 bytes) beebuckwheat.jpg (179173 bytes) beebuck2.jpg (116713 bytes)

 Two hives located out back of Waterford, Ohio. They have about 35 - 40 acres of buckwheat in which to work. That will keep them busy for a few weeks.