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Brunswickan Review Oct'98
Brunswickan Review Jan'99
Aquinian & (((reverb))) Reviews

This is probably one of the best hard rock recordings to come out of the East Coast in a long time. This band treads the line between the thinking man's (or woman's) hard rock of Queensryche and Rush, and the powerchord heavy riffs of Metallica. The band has a meaty recording that doesn't become muddy. The lyrics are often interesting (if not very angry and angst riden) and are almost never a cliche.
This disc starts with a very Metallicaesque song called "What Happened to the Truth". The recording then meanders through the different treatments of the hard rock style. This includes "Home (RIP)",a song based around acoustic Latin-Style guitar, and a concluding percussion opus called "Ibmaharom". In the middle,listeners will find "Shadows", an almost tribalistic sounding song. The playing is excellent, the vocals are well suited to the music,and the musicianship is tight. A lot of thought has clearly gone into this recording.That is something particularly nice to see in a first effort.
This is a band that could easily make it as a viable entity. While hard rock and metal is a difficult thing to sell live on this coast, this is a sound that will be welcomed throughout Canada and into the States. The CD, while offering different sounds, never loses it's focus and remains entertaining from the beginning to end. It is a strong and powerful contender in the hard rock/metal market.
MORAHAMBI gets 9 out of 10