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More updates soon

* Morahambi is pleased to announce, Tayce McAvity (bassist)has now joined them....Also a little bit of sad news is, Serge's last show with the band will be in October. Any Drummers interested in trying out may send e mail to

* Morahambi has Lloyd Hanson joining them for a few shows until they find a Bass player.....any Bass players out there interested may send e mail to

* Well as a result of Morahambi's trip to the ECMA's in Sydney, N.S., they will be appearing on MuchEast on the 27th of February 2000. MuchEast is hosted by Mike Campbell and airs Sundays at 11 PM EST on MuchMusic. Check your local listings for regional air times because you don't want to miss this. TRUST ME.

* There will be a BATTLE OF THE BANDS at THE CHESNUT PUB in Fredericton February 12 Morahambi will more than likely be entering. There should be alot of local talent there and be FUN for all.

*February '00- Morahambi will be heading to the ECMA's in Sydney, Nova Scotia The first week in February to Perform at CHANDLERS on February 3rd.

*January 15-For those of you who may be interested,I have added a few more links to some more local talent JULIE DOIRON, FUR PACKED ACTION,and EVEN you may find these on the LINKS TO LOCAL BANDS page.