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21 November 2002-- The Cellar, Fredericton,NB

10 August 2001--The Stomp, Welsford,NB
17 August 2001-- 53&3rd, Moncton,NB
22July 2001--New Richmond Quebec,opening for grim Skunk
7 July 2001--Bugaboo Creek(southside)
1 July 2001--officers square, Fredericton NB
22 February 2001-- The Cellar,Fredericton,NB
26 January 2001--Bugaboo Creek(southside)formally Rye's

2000 Dates

17 November 2000--The Bohemian,Bathurst,NB
6&7 October 2000--The Cellar,Fredericton,NB
1 September 00-- RYE'S DELI,Fredericton,NB
12 August 00--The Stomp,Welsford,NB
26 July 00--The Brickyard, Saint John,NB
21 July 00--RYE'S DELI, Fredericton,NB
*2June00--The Bohemian, Bathurst,NB
*13 May 00--Au Deuxieme,Moncton,NB-with Annie Makes It Big
*21 April 00--RYE'S DELI,Fredericton,NB
*13 April 00--THE CELLAR
21&22January 00--The Cellar,Fredericton,NB

1999 DATES

9 April 99-- The Chesnut, Fredericton, NB--cd Release Party
10April 99-- The Chesnut
13April 99--The Chesnut, Last Class Bash
4June 99--The Bohemian, Bathurst,NB
10June 99--Au Deuxieme, Moncton, NB
18June 99--O'Costigan, Edmunston,NB
30June 99--The Chesnut, Fredericton,NB-Opening act
1July-- Officers Square, Fredericton, NB--Canada Day Celebration
7August 99--The Stomp, Welsford, NB
20August 99--Stanley Music Festival
7September 99--Fredericton Aitken Centre--with I Mother Earth & Thrush Hermit
16October 99--Au Deuxieme,Moncton,NB-with Annie Makes it Big
13November 99--Harbourview Saloon, Saint John,NB
18November 99--The Cellar, Fredericton,NB