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Unique, passionate, and versitile are terms that are often used to describe bands or artists. In retrospect, these terms are certainly genuine when referring to "Morahambi". This is an act with a very strong message, both lyrically and musically, all of which is delivered in a very energetic and artistic fashion. To describe the group with one phrase: "Unbridled passion".

Morahambi found its beginning in October of 1997 as a cover act called "schizophrenia" (all the same members). After months of playing many successful shows they pursued the next logical step and began writing original material, which was written in the summer of 1998, the band changed their name to "Full Circle".

After playing live as an original act to rave reviews, the band began to work on their full length CD in November of 1998 (Reel North Recording Studios,Fredericton, NB). For copyright reasons the name was once again changed. Thus, "Morahambi" was created. Their self-titled debut CD was released in April of 1999.

This group of four unique individuals have all had years of experience in different musical fields. Their collective experiences will enable them to take all the necessary steps to become a successful unit. "Morahambi" has been described as having a live show that is unmatched, an enormous work ethic, and the willingness to stick together through it all. All factors that they need to succeed in this industry.
In an industy full of clones, it is refreshing to have a marketable group that isn't part of the trend, but starting a new one.



Pat Pelletier - Vocals,Percussion
James Gautier - Guitar
Glen Brown - Drums
Tayce McAvity - Bass




-Released full length CD entitled "Morahambi" in April of 1999.
-Have been touring New Brunswick clubs and festivals extensively during the summer of 1999.
-Steady air-play on CHSR-FM and Radio Stations in the Fredericton area. -One song included on compilation CD slated for distribution across Canada in November 1999.
-Opening act for "I Mother Earth" at the Aitken Centre for the 1999 UNB Orentation concert.


-Play sporadic shows throughout the maratimes focusing on university venues.
-Expand to Quebec and Ontario.
Get radio play on campus radio stations across Canada.
-Seek distribution.
-Take slow,realistic steps to reach a point where a national tour is a reality.