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Miss México 1988 - Veracruz

Adriana Abascal


Adriana is not only one of the most beautiful Miss Mexico ever to win the crown, but she is for sure the most controversial and one of the most successful. She showed a lot of determination and power ever since the moment she was being crowned as Miss Mexico. Since before the pageant everybody knew she would hold the crown, and it was Christiane Martel Magnani de Aleman (Miss Universe 1953 from France) who wished her good luck and crowned her.





Adriana got prepared for a whole year to the event, because she would have the responsability of not just being ambassador of our country, but Mexico would host the Miss Universe pageant at the beautiful beaches of Cancun. The Gulf of Mexico had been struggled by one of the strongest hurricanes called Gilberto, and it was precisely Miss Universe the solution for it would bring a lot of money and investment (and it did). Adriana had an arrogant attitude to everyone. Even to Televisa’s (the biggest television network in the world) multimillionaire owner Emilio Azcarraga Milmo, who was used to be treated with courtesy and polite manners. He suddenly fell in love with this teenager. In Miss Universe pageant she would be 4th runner up being one of the few Mexicans ever to place in the finals. The winner was Holland’s Angela Visser who would later appear in many tv shows and become a whole celebrity. Mexico was the only non blonde finalist. After the Miss Universe, 18 year old  would marry 50-and something year old Emilio Azcarraga . That was a very controversial wedding not just because of the ages, but also because he was one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Mexico. A few years later he would die, and Miss Mexico would become the richest woman in our country, owner of half of the network.





A few years later she would move to Europe, were many of the experts would choose her as one of the most elegant Mexicans. Adriana there meets Spanish multimillionaire Villalonga (owner of the telephone system in Spain) and she marries him. Now she is an entrepreneur and lives in USA, and as a versatile woman she writes books. The bestseller “The evolution of the woman in this century’s society” talks about how women are not weak and they have the capacity of work and make influence in any aspect. She says that women are strong and that they will grow even stronger. She is happy in all aspects because of being mother, and wife. All that she earns with the book is destined to goodwill beneficence. Adriana has 2 children.