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Welcome to JRM Compost Systems and Greenhouses


With the world growing ever more complicated many people are trying to regain control of their lives. I have dedicated my life to promoting a healthy lifestyle while protecting our environment. I therefore have chosen to sell products like compost toilets and greenhouses. Sun Mar compost toilets assure finished compost that is an ideal food for growing plants. Sun Mar has been manufacturing compost toilets for over 30 years and have most of their units certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Sun Mar makes toilets suitable for any application, from Camps, cottages, RV's and boats to residences. Besides the compost toilets listed on the main page we carry many accessories listed below.


Optional 12 volt fan 1.4 watts  $50

Optional 12 volt fan 3.4 watts  $50

5.5 watt solar panel                  $130

Sun-Mar mobile 12 volt heater $75

Fan speed control                     $45

A/F extension pipe piece 29   $65

Microbe mix                             $17

Compost quick                         $13

Compost sure                           $15



Here are some useful links that will inform and help you decide your options when choosing to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle.


When installing a compost toilet there arises the question of how to handle the greywater. Here is the best site Ive found that is dedicated to the handling of greywater.


This site hosts a FREE on-line book (Humanure Handbook) that deals with every aspect of composting humanure. It also hosts a discussion group that has input from people all over the world.



Sun-Mar has a site that can provide much more detail on their units as well as testimonials. Their site can be found at


If I can be of any assistance please call at (506) 773-9866 or E-mail me at My name is Ron Mazerolle.